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Tinna Paulain
We had a wonderful wine tour in Georgia, Georgian wine is magic. Tour was very well organized, many thanks to our lovely guide who was very attentive, we feel very comfortable during the whole trip and will use your service in future too! Thank you Sakura Travel, good luck!
Yamane-Sugimura Yoshiko
次回もよろしくお願いします! 約1週間のジョージア旅行、加えて1日のアルメニア滞在で大変お世話になりました。この素晴らしい旅を私は一生忘れません。 初日にタムナさんとケーブルカーに乗って行ったムタツミンダ山、楽しかったです。レストラン『フニクラ』の焼きたてアジャルリハチャプリは絶品!帰り道に立ち寄ったママダビデ教会ではタムナさんと一緒に奇跡の湧き水を頂きました。 その後は4日間、ドライバーのザザさんにトビリシ~カズベギ~ボルジョミ~サパラ修道院~トビリシをずっと巡って頂きました。ザザさんは車上から写真を撮るとき撮りやすいようにスピードを落としてくれたり、暑いので水を買ってくれたり、レストランでは頼み方がわからない私達の為に一番美味しいメニューの組み合わせをお店に伝えてくれたり、至れり尽くせりでした。運転中ジョージアの音楽をかけてくれたり、ご実家の写真を見せて、伝統的なジョージアの家の様子や自家製ワインのつくり方を紹介してくれました。4日間の運転で疲れているはずなのに、私の下手なロシア語会話に嫌な顔ひとつせずお付き合い下さったのも感謝します。 アルメニアのエレバンでも、ステキなガイドのアンさんとドライバーさんをご紹介下さり助かりました。アララト山がきれいに見える1日でした。 タムナさんもザザさんも、ジョージア人として誇りがあり、自国の素晴らしさを私達旅行者に伝えたいという情熱を感じました。自分達が本当に良いと思うジョージアを私達に体験させて下さいましたね。日本に帰国してすぐ、またコーカサスを訪れたいと思ってしまいました。サクラトラベルさん、どうか次回もよろしくお願いします!それから友人達にもサクラトラベルさんを自信を持って推薦しておきますね!
Gari Sapharian Gari
11 days in Georgia by Sakura- FANTASTIC I would like to thank Sakura’s team four our 11 unforgettable days spent in Georgia. We traveled across Georgia and enjoyed the country. Thanks to perfect organisation made by Sakura LTD we had the best travel of our life. It’s my second time with Sakura agency and anytime you surprise me by your professionalism and your gentility. I highly suggest and recommend your travel agency to all my friends. Thank you for our trip and brilliant organisation. Bravo! Greetings from Paris
john benstead johnbenstead
In September 2018, we had a wonderful 11 days in Georgia. We organised the tour with Sakura, and I really cannot recommend them enough - they were suburb. Everything ran smoothly and to plan. The hotels they booked were perfect and we left it to them to suggest the itinerary. This way they made sure that we got to see all the main attractions. My only regret is that we didn’t stay longer! We had a private driver called Levan who was very safe (the driving in Georgia is otherwise a bit scary), and our guide, Gari, was the perfect host. If you are thinking of visiting Georgia, (and you really should), then I highly recommend Sakura.
Nikhil Mehta Nikhil Mehta
Тур по Грузии - Грузинская Городская Жизнь
Glad to write that we have really enjoyed a beautiful country Georgia with nicely planned the tour by Sakuara. Specifically the guys George and Leaven accompanied us in very co operative manner, and became just like a family friend. ! Timely response and punctuality of these guys are commendable. Enjoyed a lot !!
Ashok Mathews Ashok Mathews
Тур по Грузии - Грузинская Городская Жизнь
I have no other words about Sakura Georgia but excellent -we visited Georgia through sakura we enjoyed the trip and the coordination and arrangements are excellent.The driver and guide were perfect.We never have to wait anywhere for any thing for even minute . Very professional and well arranged Enjoyed a lot !!
Yapa Yapa
Тур по Азербайджану, Грузии и Армении (7 дней)
This tour provided a good overview of the Caucasus region. David was very professional and responded very promptly to requests/questions. Aram, guide from Armenia, was very knowledgeable and hospitable. Together with the driver, they made the visit to Armenia memorable. Nika, guide from Georgia, was very helpful and he would go out of his way to ensure that the visit went smoothly. Overall, a great visit. Thank you very much, Sakura!
Fah Paniada Fah W
Тур по Грузии - Грузинская Городская Жизнь
We are very happy with Sakura. I sent in the tailor-made tour request and received answer quickly. Despite my countless requests to readjust the program, Magda was very patient and helped adjusting until we got a perfect itinerary to suit our requirement, despite many completes on our requests. I compared Sakura with 5 more tour operators in parallel and Sakura won with the best itinerary, service, and price. Everything was very smooth. During the tour we also had a great time. Our guide Aneta is just the best. Very sweet, knowleadgeable, service-minded ,and has a super polished manner. The driver Mr. Zaza was also very nice. Though he drove a bit wild sometimes, I guest all Georgian do so. We had a great time for 7 days and nothing at all we could complain about. I would recommend Sakura to anyone.
Грузия и Армения (8 дней)
Wow! What a service!! My girlfriend and I returned last month from a 9 day Georgia/Armenia trip that we organized thru Sakura. Their service in one word – WOW!! I am still stunned at their attention and care, and when I sit back and examine the price we paid vs. where we stayed and what was covered (and compared it with other quotes), I am convinced that this is the best value that I have got among my many travels. I am serious! Even before the trip started, I was very impressed with David’s email feedback as he patiently answered my queries and set up the tour. All the hotels they selected were 4 stars. We will especially remember a night that they had booked us in a castle when we were en-route to Armenia. It was so cool! All stayed included a nice breakfast buffet; more splendid were the dinners – every one of them – that they had arranged at various restaurants were excellent for both the venue and the taste. The guide and driver we had in Georgia were Ms. Natali and Mr. Zaza. Natali looks more like a model – really! – and enthusiastic. A very sweet lady with poise and grace, who patiently introduced us to her wonderful country. We were more than touched by Zaza, who helped us tremendously on the last day when we returned from Armenia and had to catch the flight @ the same night. A well-reviewed basic hotel that I had booked thru another site botched the reservation and by the time they could arrange for a different place, it took a few hours. It was pouring and the language difficulty added to the confusion and stress. Luckily, Zara patiently waited for us and actually intervened to speak to the two hotels and ensured that we were taken care off. He also arranged with Sakura to prepare a fancier hotel just in case this fell thru but luckily it went smooth and he took us to the different hotel. (Thank you Zara!) Armenia leg – this was arranged by Sakura thru their partners, Merry Tour. the guide’s name was Ashot and he too was splendid. He was so knowledgeable that I didn’t have enough time to get all my questions answered. I am so glad to have seen these two old and beautiful countries thru the services of Sakura. They made the whole trip so relaxed and enjoyable and I will certainly recommend Sakura as the only tour operator one needs to contact for their journey to these countries. Their service, price, and value are unbeatable. Thank you Sakura and your whole team for providing such excellent services. Wish you the very best, and I will certainly contact you when I come there again. Best of luck!!
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