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Do you know where Gudauri Resort is?

Gudauri Resort is located on the south-facing plateau of The Greater Caucasus Range in Georgia, 2 196 meters above the sea level, wonderful! Just imagine that fresh air, amazing views of snowy mountains, pure snow and warm sun very close to you.  

Gudauri Resort is an ideal place for extreme sport lovers and not only, it’s unique because from European Resorts Heliskiing is possible only in Gudauri. Ski trails suitable for all levels of skiers, except first level amateur trail, there are four-type sporting lanes: for slalom, giant slalom, super giant slalom and downhill. Each category of these disciplines is adopted by International Ski Federation. You can enjoy all kinds of winter sports from slalom to snowboarding and free-riding. There are seven lifts to reach different slopes, put on warm clothes and enjoy Gudauri Resort view, what a delight! Also, you can attend lots of local championships and have a really great time, if you don’t have your own skis, board or boots you can rent them in large hotels like Marco Polo.

So are you already packing your bags?

тур в гудаури
Hotel Alpina
тур в гудаури
Gudauri Inn
gudauri holiday package
Marco Polo

For those who are not interested in winter sports Gudauri Resort is still the best place for the holidays, air in the high mountains is extremely necessary for your health, sometimes even Doctors advise people to go there for some time, especially with their children, that’s why our winter tours are mostly family friendly, this air can boost your immune system. What else? Taste incredible natural Georgian cuisine, amazing Georgian wine, enjoy the cozy and warm atmosphere, meet the most hospitable Georgian people, enjoy long snowy walks and make new friends!

In conclusion, you probably already decided to spend your holidays in Georgia, you are welcome! We can help you to find the cheapest flights to Georgia

While visiting Georgian Winter Resorts don’t forget about the capital city Tbilisi and some interesting one day tours like Mtskheta, Kazbegi, Ananuri etc… or maybe you want to have Gastronomy & Wine tour, everything is up to you.  Have a nice holidays in Georgia, we are waiting for you!

Georgia tourism – Paliastomi Lake

Georgia tourism Lake Paliastomi is a small lake near the city of Poti Georgia, connected to the Black Sea by a narrow channel. Its surface area is 17.3 km² and the mean depth is 2.6 m. The Paliastomi Lake is the largest of over 40 other smaller lakes in the ecologically important and fragile Kolkheti Wetland complex.

The wetland area harbors a lot of waterfowl rare endemic plants, and many water-associated amphibians, reptiles, and mammals. The Paliastomi Lake is an important fishery site.

Georgia tourism


Additionally to the high salinity and over-fishing, hunting as well as lacking regulation are the biggest problems, which strongly influence the situation at the lake.

In the Southern part of Paliastomi there are remnants of old church under water. This is often the venue of birds rest. Interestingly, they always stay in odd numbers – one, three or five.

georgia tourism

Kolkheti National Park is located in western Georgia. It includes east coast line of Black Sea and Lake Paliastomi basin. National Park is created in order to protect and maintain Kolkheti wetland ecosystems of International importance. Districts of the national park are located on 5 administrative regions – Zugdidi, Khobi, Senaki, Abasha and Lanchkuti and are part of two historic parts of Georgia – Samegrelo and Guria. Kolkheti National Park Administration offers boat tours on Lake Paliastomi and river Pichori gorge, as well as sport fishing, bird watching and eco-educational tours. Tours are carried out throughout the year.
georgia tourism
Location: Black Sea side, Western part of Kolkheti lowland Georgia tourism
Distance: 70 km from Zugdidi, 320 km from Tbilisi Georgia tourism
Landscape: plain. Beach is so slightly tilted that sea depth for tens of meters does not exceed 1-1,5 m Georgia tourism
Climate: humid subtropical, winter mild, without snow, mean temperature in January 5,7 degrees centigrade; summer very warm, mean temperature in August 23,5 degrees centigrade Georgia tourism
Average comparative annual humidity: 78% Georgia tourism
Natural treatment factors: maritime mild humid climate, sea and beach  Georgia tourism
georgia tourism


Borjomi is a resort town in central Georgia. Borjomi is  known for its mineral waters, with springs in local Central Park. Archaeological excavations have revealed the existence of stone baths in the area, proving that these mineral waters have been utilized by people for thousands of years. The place is also home to the most extensive ecologically-themed amusement park in the Caucasus. georgia tourist attractions


“Firuza” is one of the most important historical buildings in the town, combining Persian, Georgian and European styles of architecture. Situated at the entrance of the “Mineral Water Park”. It was built in 1892 by the consul of Iran and is considered a unique cultural monument.  georgia tourist attractions
georgia tourist attractions

Borjomi – Mineral Water Park

The most remarkable virtues of Borjomi are its striking nature and unique mineral waters. One of the best places to experience this is the “Mineral Water Park” of Borjomi. The park itself dates back to the 1850s and is an attractive destination all throughout the year. Here you can taste the natural mineral water and relax in a beautiful environment. Try riding the cable car up to the Ferris wheel at the top of the park. georgia tourist attractions

things to do in georgia

The Green Monastery

Built between the 9th-10th centuries, the Chitakhevi Monastery of St. George (the Green Monastery) is nestled in the beautiful valley, 13 kilometers from the town.  The church is constructed from special stones which have a green coloring to them, with some being darker and some lighter. Things to do in georgia
things to do in Georgia

Timotesubani Monastery – The Cathedral Of Holy Virgin

Located 17 kilometers from Borjomi, the church was constructed between the 12th – 13th centuries. The interior is decorated with some of the best examples of Georgian mural painting of the 13th century. Things to do in georgia
georgia tourism
 Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park

Borjomi-Kharagauli protected area is one of the largest national parks in Europe. Its total territory amounts to 85,083 ha, more than 1% of the territory of Georgia. The national park offers hiking, horseback riding, biking, cultural and educational tours – the routes function throughout the year. Picnic spots and camping sites are also situated along the routes. The National Park visitors’ center will be more than happy to help you with any organizational issues. Things to do in georgia

georgia tourist attractions

Crowne Plaza





Iveria Beach Batumi Beach

Iveria beach is an outdoor gourmet restaurant, lounge and redesigned pier stretched along the famous Batumi bay, creates a glamorous scene for breakfast, lunch and dinner at Batumi beach.
Here you can enjoy range of prime quality food, a dash of golden sunshine and live, good music.

They provide a high service to their clients and you can spend a whole day in a great atmosphere, enjoying beautiful surroundings and getting suntan on Batumi beach.

We recommend you taste salad with shrimps, coffee with ice-cream, Khachapuri and don’t miss to taste cocktails.       

The bar is located very close to Ali and Nino Sculpture.

Batumi beach

Shopping in Batumi 

Georgia may be a small country, but it definitely packs some big talent. Georgian designers are very experimental with production, though they always honor their roots and pay respect to the vast cultural background of their native land.





shopping in batumiGoodwill Shopping Mall 

Batumi Mall is a four floor entertainment & shopping center located in the heart of Batumi, Georgia country. It features more than 50 shops and other entertainment facilities for kids or adults. Free Wi-Fi and parking is available on sight. Here you can spend a day with your family and kids. 

euphoria batumi

Metrocity Forum – Shopping mall

Metrocity Forum Working Hours – 10 AM to 10 PM wintertime –  10 AM to 01 АM Summertime.  Address: Lekh and Maria Kachinsky Str. 1, New Boulevard, Batumi – Free Transport to and from the mall. Also, service include free parking and free wifi. The mall belongs to Euphoria hotel building and is close to Batumi airport. 

euphoria hotelSpectrum Club

If you love clubbing this is a right places for you.  Spectrum is located on the roof, specially decorated has a nice atmosphere and an amazing Black Sea view. The club belongs to Euphoria hotel building and is close to Batumi airport. 

nightlife batumi


Batumi nightlife – Working hours: 08:00-06:00 (Only in summer)

nightlife batumi
Hilton Batumi

If you want to view extremely divine and stunning sunset you should visit Hilton Batumi. Bar is located on the top 20th floor, open from lunchtime until late evening.

This is the best place to enjoy the sea breeze and Batumi weather on the spacious outdoor terrace while indulging in a wide range of Georgian wines and international spirits. Here you can view beautiful views of Batumi beach.

batumi beach

Sataplia Cave Georgia

Caves in Georgia, Cave with footprints of dinosaurs 

What is Sataplia and where is it located?

The Sataplia Nature Reserve is a place where you can see very interesting natural sights and enjoy beautiful surroundings. The place is located in 7 km distance from Kutaisi, Georgia. 

Cave GeorgiaWhat does the name mean? Caves in Georgia

Sataplia Cave is named after an extinct volcano Mt. Sataplia (494m), which is now the Nature Preserve. The preserve was intended to protect the five karst caves of the area and the dinosaur footprints.

There are 200 footprints known, which were found in two different layers of the Cretaceous limestone. The 30cm long footprints of the lower layer belong to an unknown predator, the 48cm long footprints of the upper layer to an ornithology herbivore. Caves in Georgia


Cave GeorgiaThe 300 m long, 10 m high and 12 m wide cave abounds in stalactites and stalagmites. A spring is winding along its bottom. The air and water temperatures in the cave are nearly equal (12-130C). There is a speleological museum near it now. The place is a true paradise! The complex is containing geological, pale-ontological, speleological, zoological and botanical monuments.


Cave GeorgiaVardzia Cave Monastry

Cave towns in Georgia, Caves in Georgia Cave Georgia

Vardzia is a cave monastery site in southern Georgia, excavated from the slopes of the Erusheti Mountain on the left bank of the Kura River, thirty kilometres from Aspindza. The main period of construction was the second half of the twelfth century. The caves stretch along the cliff for some five hundred meters and in up to nineteen tiers. The Church of the Dormition, dating to the 1180s during the golden age of Tamar and Rustaveli, has an important series of wall paintings

Five monks still live in this mountain. Every morning at seven they ring the bell in the high arch.

Cave GeorgiaUplistsikhe Cave Town Cave Georgia

“Lord’s Fortress“ – Caves in Georgia

Uplistsikhe is remarkable for the unique combination of styles from rock-cut cultures of the region, most notably from Cappadocia (in modern Turkey) and Northern Iran. Most of the unearthed artifacts can be seen at the National Museum in Tbilisi.

Located in Eastern Georgia, Uplistsikhe  is an abandoned rock-hewn town, which once have played an important role in Georgian history. The place was founded in the late Bronze Age, around 1000 BC. Uplistsikhe was one of the most important political and religious centers of  Kartli – one of the predecessors of the Georgian state.

The central area, which contains most of the rock-cut structures, is connected to the lower area by narrow tunnel. Most of the rock-cut structures are without any decorative elements, aside from some of the larger structures, which contain some stone carvings.
At the top of the complex is a Christian stone basilica, dating from the 10th century. The rock-cut structures include a large hall, called Tamaris Darbazi, pagan places of sacrifice, dwellings, as well as functional buildings, like a pharmacy, a bakery, a prison, and even an amphitheater.
The rock-cut structures are connected by tunnels, while other tunnels had the purpose of an emergency escape route.
uflistsikhe Georgia

Davit Gareji Monastry 

Caves in Georgia

Davit Gareja is a rock-hewn Orthodox monastery in the Kakheti region of Georgia, which is one of the most remarkable of Georgia’s historic sites.

Hundreds of cells, churches, refectories and living quarters have been hewn into the rock face at the steep slopes of Mount Gareja. Saint David, an Assyrian Monk, founded the monastic complex in the 6th century and it was steadily expanded during the following centuries.

The monastery complex has been an important center of religious and cultural activity for hundreds of years and this reached its height between the 11th and 13th centuries.

During the late Soviet years the monastery became a training ground for the Soviet War in Afghanistan and this caused considerable damage to the murals within the complex and caused a public outcry among Georgians. When Georgia restored its independence, the monastery was revived and it is once again a center of religious activity as well as an important destination for pilgrims and tourists alike. The inside of the cave structures has been covered with numerous  murals and fresco paintings, a number of which have survived the test of time.

Cave Georgia

Heshkili Svaneti Georgia

This place is a true paradise for cabin lovers. Here we experienced authentic Svanetian culture and we found it to be the  special place to get lost and find yourself. The cabins are located in Keshkili –  Heshkili huts Svaneti provide a garden, terrace and bar. The accommodation features evening entertainment and a shared kitchen. Unfortunately, at that time they didn’t have spare rooms so we got there to take some nice pics.  The host served us with a pie which had unbelievable smell of wild cranberries. She was very kind towards travelers and even assisted us in photographing. If you get to this place, check the cabin on a tree. This trip was a true  fairy tale to me. Svaneti Georgia

svaneti georgia



Take a deep breath and enjoy the fresh air, sun and beautiful view! Svaneti is one of Georgia’s most historic and unique areas. Hatsvali – Svaneti Georgia is (470 km, flights are available) surrounded by mighty 5000 m peaks. The place is located in 8 km from the central village of Svaneti, Mestia. The upper cable car station is located on Mount Zuruldi (2347 m). The difference in altitude is 482 m.

svaneti Georgia


The museum houses more than 4.000 items: archaeological objects discovered in Svaneti region, unique samples of engraved and painted icons (of special interest are X-XII c.c. icons), religious objects (IX-XIV c.c.), manuscripts (XI-XIII c.c. New Testaments from Adishi, Labskaldi, Ienashi, Mestia), weapons and armor, iron and cooper items, wooden ethnographic objects, adornments, silverware, textiles, etc.Museum has special halls of Christian treasure, where visitors have opportunity to see IX-XVIII century masterpieces of world importance such as:  Icon of the Forty Sebastian Martyrs, Embroidered Byzantine Icon, Venetian Cross, jug donated by Queen Tamar, earliest remaining sample of illustrated manuscript- Adishi Gospels (897) and etcetera.

svaneti georgia


Tetnuldi is a prominent peak peak in the central part of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range, located in the Svaneti region of Georgia. According to most sources, Tetnuldi is the 10th highest peak of the Caucasus. The slopes of the mountain are glaciated generally above the 3,000 metre (9,840 ft) line. The most prominent glacier of the mountain is called Adishi.

svaneti georgia


Recover your energy and stay healthy at amazing outdoor swimming pool of Colosseum Batumi Georgia. Colosseum Marina is a five-star hotel distinguished with prime seaside location in western part of Batumi Georgia with private beach area and highly developed modern infrastructure, with unusual design and stunning sea views. Colosseum Batumi Georgia has its own private beach, swimming pools and also variety of restaurants, bars, and lounges. We encourage you to visit this amazing place as they have  super helpful and friendly personal. This place guarantees your perfect mood and unforgettable travel experience!

batumi georgiaSheraton

Sheraton Batumi Georgia offers you the opportunity to swim and relax with seasonal outdoor pool. Take into account that the outdoor pool is open only during the summer season. After having a great time at the pool you can spend your evening in a romantic atmosphere at amazing outdoor sitting restaurant. Sheraton Batumi Georgia has 360 Sky Bar Restaurant is the only Hotel Bar- Restaurant with 360 degree panoramas – in Batumi.

Batumi georgiaRadisson

The pool is located is 5 minutes walk from the beach. A 3-minute walk from Iveria Beach in Batumi, this hotel features outdoor pools and a restaurant.  Also, if you want to relax among the clouds  Radisson cloud bar is right place for you. This trendy restaurant offers grilled specialties and well-mixed drinks along with a breathtaking view over the city and the waves. Clouds hosts live entertainment such as DJs and other musical performances on weekends, making a fun night with friends even more memorable.

batumi georgiaEuphoriaa

Situated in Batumi, Euphoria Batumi Hotel has a terrace and a private beach area, and guests can enjoy a meal at the restaurant or a drink at the bar. The place is super destination for clubbers as one of the most famous clubs in Batumi is Spectrum is located on the Roof, specially decorated has a nice atmosphere and an amazing Black Sea view. 

batumi georgia

Castello Mare Hotel & Wellness Resort

This amazing place is located at the seafront which is consisted of two buildings with a private beach area and an infinity pool. Children under 16 years old can use the swimming pool only under supervision of adults.

batumi georgia

Restaurants in Batumi



Restaurants in Batumi

Here you can taste delicious open buffet breakfast and unique Georgian cuisine and global taste, from all day menu. The restaurant has beautiful design, amazing outdoor sitting area and high quality service. 360 Sky Bar Restaurant is the only Hotel Bar- Restaurant with 360 degree panoramas – in Batumi. At Sky Bar you can enjoy cocktails, different varieties of Georgian wine.

LOBBY BAR, Jasmine lounge and ClUb loungea

Lobby bar is one of the best places to relax in friendly atmosphere at elegant Lobby Bar where you can drink exclusive cocktails and taste delicious bar food.  Jasmine lounge Bar is located to the outdoor swimming pool of the Sheraton Batumi Georgia hotel, surrounded by a beautiful landscape. Here you can enjoy a poolside menu or cocktails accompanied by live music. Also you can spend your time at club lounge where you can have a great time with friends or just relax by watching TV, at Batumi Georgia.

Batumi Georgia




restaurants in batumi

Pelion is very special in the evenings due to its comfortable design and intimate atmosphere. Here you can taste freshly baked bread, meat roasted served with vegetables and salads with Georgian wine and other traditional soft drinks and spirits.  


bar is located on the top 20th floor, open from lunchtime until late evening. This is the best place to enjoy the sea breeze on the spacious outdoor terrace while indulging in a wide range of Georgian wines and international spirits.

restaurants in batumi



If you want to relax among the clouds  Raddisson cloud bar is right place for you. This trendy restaurant offers grilled specialties and well-mixed drinks along with a breathtaking view over the city and the waves. Clouds hosts live entertainment such as DJs and other musical performances on weekends, making a fun night with friends even more memorable.

Batumi Georgia

restaurants in batumi 


Adjara Restaurant provides services for breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. The restaurant is composed of 5 parts, with a special area dedicated for children (which is very helpful for parents). Here is also terrace with outstanding view of Black Sea and New Boulevard. At the lobby lounge you can taste wide range of beverages, wines as well as tea, coffee and exclusive pastry products.


Spectrum is located on the Roof, specially decorated has a nice atmosphere and an amazing Black Sea view. Here you can have unforgettable romantic dinner, taste glass of Georgian wine and spend beautiful evening with your loved ones.

Batumi georgia

Ali and Nino sculpture


The “Ali and Nino” moving sculpture is definitely one of the most amazing and memorable sights in this Georgian Black Sea resort. “Ali and Nino” is a celebration of true love without boundaries and prejudices. This breathtaking process is repeated every 10 minutes.

“Me, You and Batumi” 

The composition was put up in a Miracle Park near Alphabetic Tower in 2012. The author of the statue is Irakli Tsuladze. The statue symbolizes the tradition of coffee drinking which is typical to Batumi lifestyle. That’s why the composition is represented by a woman and a man sitting at tables and drinking coffee. Batumi

batumi georgia

 Batumi Backyard Stories

It is a grassroots cultural initiative that brings together local artists and citizens to explore and co-create the hidden histories that exist within any given neighborhood in the city. Interdisciplinary artist teams interview the families who live within a neighborhood courtyard block, discovering their cultural legacies and creating a customized art installation and performance event in their neighborhood courtyard. The public art installations pay homage to what the neighborhoods’ families wish to call attention to within everyday life, and they, along with Batumi’s local residents and plentiful international tourists, are invited to attend these celebratory opening events. 

Batumi Georgiabatumi georgia

 Batumi street art

The first Batumi Grafikart festival was held in August of 2013 rapidly gaining popularity. In the frame of the festival Georgian and French artists paint several parts of the city. The festival is organized with support of Ajara Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports and city hall. The main aim of the festival is to picture international artistic processes on walls, create new landscapes and favor development of visual arts in Georgia.


batumi georgia

Batumi Boulevard

The famous Prussian gardener and landscape architect Ressler initially began the construction of Seaside Boulevard in 1881. Two years after the project began, Ressler passed away and Michael D’alfons, a French architect, completed the boulevard. Recently, a Spanish architect designed and constructed a new, modern addition for the boulevard. As a result, the boulevard’s area has increased to a 7 km stretch. The coastal line of the boulevard has been beatified with bungalows, café-lounges, restaurants, children’s attractions, benches, sculptures and dancing fountains-making it one of the city’s most attractive tourist destinations. Colonnades were constructed along the boulevard in 1934 and have since become iconic architectural elements of the city. 

batumi georgiabatumi georgiaBatumi Georgia

Georgian Enamel Accessories 

Tbilisi Georgia

One of the best places in Tbilisi, where you can buy enamel and other jewelry and accessories made of silver, gold, precious and semi-precious stones, antiques – Saturday Flea Market – Market at Sukhoi Bridge and its surroundings. One of the reasons why foreign tourists arrive in Georgia – a unique, very original jewelry of the highest quality, sold at a low price. Also, you can find unique accessories at Qarvasla Museum, in Tbilisi, Georgia.



Antique Jewelry and Georgian accessories

There is a shop in Tbilisi – Legenda, which was founded in 2003 and since the very day of its foundation the main goal of its activity was the revival and development of the lost art of Georgia. Legenda produces copies on the motives of pieces of those Georgian cultural statues obtained as a result of the archaeological discoveries.

Handmade Scarves

Accessories made from Teqa

Felt craft is traditional in mountainous regions of Georgia: Tusheti, Kakheti, Khevi and Javakheti. The best examples of decorative felt items were made in Tusheti. Tushetian felt craft is particular with its simple and refined ornament. Felt can be of any color, and made into any shape or size. Felt makings are used in clothing, souvenirs, and playthings, accessorizes and etc.


Tbilisi, georgia


Georgian Ceramics

“White Studio” is offering Georgians and foreigner’s high quality modern works of ceramics and contemporary shapes with traditional Georgian elements. The works are created through world-renowned technologies and trends of Georgian porcelain, faience and red clay. The Studio tries to promote creative potential of modern ceramics as one of the most popular branches of art, to refine artistic level of traditional and modern ceramic works and to improve the quality of Georgian souvenirs.


tbilisi georgia

Tbilisi Georgia

Tbilisi Georgia, Tbilisi Georgia, Tbilisi Georgia