Adjara, officially known as the Autonomous Republic of Adjara is a historical, geographic and political-administrative region of Georgia. It has been part of Colchis and Caucasian Iberia since ancient times. Colonized by Greeks in the 5th century BC, the region fell under Rome in the 2nd century BC. It became part of the region of Egrisi before being incorporated into the unified Georgian Kingdom in the 9th century AD.

Ajara is Georgia’s one of the most popular travel destinations that attract many Georgians and visitors from post-Soviet and East European countries.  It lies on the coast of the Black Sea near the foot of the Lesser Caucasus Mountains, north of Turkey.

It is home to many religions.  In the same day, you can visit Christian orthodox churches, mosques, synagogues, Catholic, and Armenian churches. In addition to religious monuments, region has a myriad of unique arch stone bridges, which date back to the Middle Ages.

Autonomous Republic is most famous for its pristine stony beaches, calm sea, warm water, bright sunny paradise, and other mysteries of nature. From recently, region has become a tourism destination for not only summer period, but also for winter period with its new Goderdzi resort where you can enjoy unique and wild landscape, fresh air, and world-class infrastructure.

All are waiting for you to discover in Ajara during all four seasons!



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