Batumi Botanical Garden

Batumi Botanical Garden

Batumi Botanical Garden is the true paradise on earth. While you’re travelling in Georgia, you should definitely visit this place and enjoy the amazing views from the green cape.

The Botanical Garden, located at the distance of 9 km from the center of Batumi, occupies the area of 108, 7 hectare of approximately 1 km stripe of Southern-Western section of the coastline located between the river Chakvistskali estuary and the Green Cape, being spread to the height of 0-220 meters from the sea level, which not long time ago was totally covered with Kolkheti type forest (beech, chestnut, linden) and evergreen sub-forest.

The garden is distinguished by century-long parks, unique collections of subtropical flora, as well as succulents, palms, roses, camellias, citrus, bamboos, magnolia, Cyprus, pine-trees, nut, persimmon and maple tree collections.


This tree is from botanical garden, has fallen down in 1970’s and they decided to keep it there as a bridge. While for many years people just walked across it and back, this tree kept feeding 11 new tree tanks.

Now, it is a picturesque corner in the garden, surprising thousands of visitors who climb it to take a photo.

Useful Information

Batumi botanical Garden was opened in 1912.

Florist richness of the garden is incorporated in 9 phyto-geographic departments and three    parks.

These are the following:

  • East Asian Department
  • Himalayan Phytogeographic department
  • Australian Department
  • New Zealand Department
  • North American Department
  • Mexican Department
  • South American Department
  • Mediterranean Department
  • Transcaucasian Humid Subtropics Department


  • Uppear Park
  • Lower Park
  • Giorgi Gabrichidze Seaside Park

How to Get to Batumi Botanical Garden

  • Micro Bus №31
  • Micro Bus №40
  • Bus №15