Lagodekhi Protected Areas

One of the world’s best-preserved, primitive area with diversity of natural landscapes, Lagodekhi Protected Areas is located in Lagodekhi, in the extreme north-eastern part of the southern slopes of the Caucasus and extends at an altitude of 590-3500 m. It includes Lagodekhi Nature Reserve (19749 ha) and Managed Reserve (4702 ha). First established in 1912 it’s Georgia’s oldest protected area. Rivers and waterfalls are abundant here, flowing from the high mountains into the wooded lower zone, which includes forests of beech and hornbeam virgin forests.

Five marked and well-organized trails offer a wide variety of hiking, educational, horse riding, cultural, mushroom, and deer tours on the rich wild landscape of Lagodekhi Protected Areas. Here, you can explore Rocho and Ninoskhevi waterfalls, Machi fortress, Black Rock Lake, blossoming Juliana primrose and Lagodekhi peony. Tourist season lasts all year round.