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georgia summer resorts

Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit, so if you think that it’s time for new experiences and discoveries, then let us represent our unique country, its cultural diversity and beach resorts where you can spend an unforgettable vacation.

Why people like Georgia summer resorts?

People come to Georgia summer resorts because there’s a lot of love, more and more love here… The sea adds a blue colour to this city of white and gold. Batumi is waking up. It’s a city rising from a dream,” enthused Rezi Zoidze, a music events organiser.

Why to travel in Adjara?

The best thing about travelling in Georgia is that each place offers different environment and bio natural diversity. The coastline of Ajara is a favorite destination among tourists visiting Georgia and is famous for its numerous resort

Summer in Georgia

areas.  Adjara is home to the picturesque summer resorts of Batumi, Kvariati, Sarpi, Gonio, Tsikhisdziri, the Green Cape and Kobuleti. In the summertime, the beaches are filled with tourists enjoying their holidays. Adjara’s beach towns offer well developed infrastructure and fresh, healthy air.

Adjara’s nature is unlike anywhere in Georgia. The green cape and botanical garden is a true paradise where the sun-kissed seaside flanked by snow-capped peaks is a paradise for thousands of flora and fauna species. The Batumi Botanical Garden is a popular place to relax, breathe the fresh, balmy air and enjoy nature.

As the sun sets on the Black Sea Batumi’s vibrant nightlife bursts through the remnants of the day, with bustling dance clubs, casinos and restaurants. The Black Sea Jazz is an international jazz festival held annually, traditionally in July, in Batumi on Georgia’s Black Sea coast, which, along with Tbilisi Jazz Festival, is one of the country’s main jazz events.

Also, Kobuleti is very famous in Georgia as here you can find a bustling nightlife with plenty of young people. Every year the resort’s infrastructure is developing and flourishing. The central street of Kobuleti is literally dotted with clubs, bars, and cafes.

Good food is the most important thing in Georgia and Adjarian cuisine is all about taste. Its elaborate recipes combine fresh vegetables and fruits with walnuts and spices. Meat dishes, often grilled, are served with piquant sauces, salty cheeses and local wines.

The best known local specialty is a peculiar kind of khachapuri, a cheese-filled pastry. Rich in taste, and very rich in calories! Also, it’s a symbol of sun and the sea.

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