Makhinjauri – The Green Cape

Makhinjauri is a climate spa resort which is placed on 15-100 m altitude above sea level, between Kara-Dare and Green Cape. Also, Makhinjauri is popular for mineral waters which local population started using sub-thermal mineral water flowing out here for therapy as early as beginning of XX century.

First scientific studies of water were made in 1912. Bathhouses were built and Makhindjauri history as a resort commenced this time. From the North Makhindjauri is bordered by the most admirable place on the Black Sea coast of Adjara – Green Cape.

Green Cape’s fine-stone beach and clean seawater which are the best not only for swimming and sun tanning but also for diving, is overlooked by Botanical Garden.

Its vegetation is represented in 9 phyto-geographic divisions by the origin of plants. Besides, Garden comprises upper, lower and seaside parks, experimental and collection plots, green-houses and conservatories for tropical plants.

The garden is distinguished by century-long parks, unique collections of subtropical flora, as well as succulents, palms, roses, camellias, citrus, bamboos, magnolia, pine-trees, persimmon and maple tree collections.