Tsikhisdziri is situated 17 km north of Batumi, Georgia.

The unique climate is due to the fact that it represents a mixture of sea and mountain air.

Tsikhisdziri is home to an archaeological site and ruins of a Late Antique fortified town, which is identified by mainstream scholarship with the Roman-built city-fortress of Petra.

The resort of Chakvi is con­sidered the “homeland” of Georgian tea. It was here that the Chinese scientist Lao Jiao first introduced and grew tea in Adjara, Georgia.

Seaside Tsikhisdziri


Seaside climatic resort of Tsikhisdziri is situated 5 km from Kobuleti, Georgia on the Tsikhisdziri highland, whose slopes steeply descend to the sea and create a cape. Green-clad slopes surrounding the resort are covered with citrus tree groves, tea plantations and bamboo alleys.

In the central part of the village, on the acropolis, Petra- Fortress Museum-Reserve stretches on 7 ha.  The Fortress (‘Petra’ in Greek means ‘Rock’) allegedly was built by Strategos Ioann in 535 AD. It is one of the oldest monuments of material culture of the eastern Black Sea. In the 4th century, the Byzantine Emperor Justinian built a big city there.


Location: Black Sea narrow coast strip Distance: 5 km away from Kobuleti, Georgia 25 km away from Batumi, Georgia 340 km away from Tbilisi,Georgia Sea level: 50 m Landscape: mountainous Climate: maritime, humid, subtropical climate; Natural treatment factors: maritime, humid, subtropical climate Types of therapy: air and sun exposure, sea baths Diseases for treatment: respiratory tract non-TB and nervous system functional diseases