“In times like these, in which man dominates nature so heavily, untouchedness, wilderness and loneliness are more and more rare … But they still exist – the magical places. Winter landscapes of such extraordinary beauty and seclusion, which seemed to be lost.” 

Bakhmaro is another world in winter, come explore it!

Cat Skiing Bakhmaro, Georgia

A new cat ski operation has started in the Lesser Caucasus Mountains at Bakhmaro in Georgia. Established by a professional Swiss crew, Cat Skiing Bakhmaro promises to deliver an exceptional new experience for more adventurous skiers and snowboarders. Having run its first season in 2016/17, it is quickly coming to terms with its superb terrain, establishing a new lodge and buying an additional snow cat for season 2017/18.

Two snowcats will be running for season 2017/18 and places are filing fast. The unique character of Bakhmaro climate is caused first and foremost by its location.

Climate and location

Resort is open to the West and thanks to that, the gorge is invaded by warm sea winds that ensure formation of soft middle mountain upper belt climate. That is why air here is always clean and transparent. The effectiveness of the resort is contributed also by the most picturesque scenery of mountains with its soothing impact. The holiday season in Bakhmaro is short: from the beginning of July until the end of August. Due to tough climate conditions the mountains of Guria by the beginning of September are covered with snow which in wintertime has the height of up to 4-6 meters. The idea of mastering tourist potential of Bakhmaro in winter emerged back in 1977. In the conclusion of research expedition it was pointed out that Bakhmaro’s natural conditions satisfy all demands of winter resort and there was an opportunity of

constructing 8-10 ski trails of different purpose that could operate during 4-5 months in full swing. Surrounded by fir and pine tree forests, Bakhmaro features a unique mix of air from the Black Sea and local mountains, deemed to be beneficial for people with respiratory problems.

Why Caucasus?

The Caucasus have some of the highest snowfalls in Europe. Bakhmaro is at 2050m elevation only 90km by road south of the Kutaisi Airport, which in turn is about 24km from Georgia’s second largest city, Kutaisi.

How to get there

There are two gateway airports for Cat Skiing Bahkmaro. From Kutaisi International Airport (David the Builder Kutaisi Interntaional Airport) Bakhmaro is a 3 hour drive away in winter. Flights to Kutaisi are possible from Milan Malpensa, London – Luton, Berlin, and Memmingen – Munich West. Flights from each origin are every 2 or 3 days. Tbilisi Airport is over 200km further to the east, but is serviced by more flights from a wider range of origins.