Nowadays, three heli skiing companies are operating in higher Caucasus range.


Gudauri – Heliksir (HTM Helicopter Travel Munich)

“Powder Classic”

Classic packages offer guests an all-inclusive heli skiing experience – an outstanding adventure of powder skiing / snowboarding, an unforgettable mountain vacation and a great opportunity to discover Georgia’s fascinating traditions.

“Powder Exclusive”

Helsinki program Private / custom package tailored to your group’s needs.

The Powder Exclusive gives you and your group of friends the opportunity to get your fill of the Caucasus Powder, to ski or ride at your own pace while exploring the most secret places of heli- ski area.

Family Package                                         

The Family Package is a custom package tailored to your family’s needs Family Package is to provide you and your family with the vacation of your dream, offering a choice of activities for everyone to choose from and enjoy their own adventure.

Helicopter Tour

Heliksir offers the greatest tours flying over Gudauri resorts including Caucasian mountains.

Mestia – Flory Kern (Wucher Helicopter)

“For more than 20 years we’ve been traveling the globe, always searching for the perfect mountain, the best hillsides, the finest powder. Long before the skis became wider and the term “freeriding” was being used, we’ve been knowing the best free ride spots around the globe. We are buddies, who have become close friends and who have made their hobby into their profession. The established training to become an UIAGM / IVBV mountain guide and our experience from uncounted trips and days in the mountains are a solid foundation on which all our free ride, heliski and other trips today are based and from which all our guests profit.”

This is skiing at its best in between the highest peaks of Europe, rising more than 5000 meters into the sky. 1800 square kilometers of stunning skiing terrain is just yours. While they still ski dry and deep powder on the more than 30 kilometer long Layla Range, best spring corn can be skied on the almost endless runs below the looming peak of Ushba.

Svanetia is an unforgettable Heliski destination.

Kazbegi – Wucher Helicopter

Unlimited Heli skiing

Genuss Heli skiing

Private Heli skiing