Mestia Ski Resorts – a real skiers’ dream

Svaneti harbors the major Caucasus peaks and the largest glaciers, the total area of which equals 300 sq. km. They hang over the Caucasus Mountains like an icy crown.

Mestia is a highland town at an elevation of 1,500 meters in the Caucasus Mountains.

The town is situated 456 km from Georgia’s capital city, Tbilisi and some 128 kilometers northeast of the regional capital of Zugdidi.

Historically and ethnographically, Mestia has always been regarded a chief community of Zemo, or Upper Svaneti province. It was formerly known as Seti.

The population is mostly Svans, a cultural and linguistic subgroup of the Georgians.

Despite its small size, the town was an important center of Georgian culture for centuries and contains a number of medieval monuments, such as churches and forts, included in a list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Mestia Ski Resorts:

In Svaneti, there are two modern white resorts: Hatsvali and Tetnuldi. The first one started operating several years ago. It is located in 8 km from the central village of Svaneti, Mestia.

The upper cable car station is located on Mount Zuruldi (2347 m).

The most important mountains are:

Tsurungala (4220 metres above the sea level), Ailama (4550 m.), Shkhara (5068 m.), Jangha (5060 m.), Gestola (4860 m.), Tikhtingen (4620 m.), Tetnuldi (4860 m.), Mazeri (4010 m.) and Chatini (4370 m.) that are neighboured by a well-known steep rock massif of twin-headed Ushba (4700 m.).
The average absolute elevation of the Caucasus ridge is up to 4125 m. The maximum altitude is 5068 m. (Shkhara), and minimum altitude is 3168 m. (Donghuzoruni pass).

There are some twenty passes of different complexity in this area of Caucasus that are directed towards the North side – the territory of Russian Federation. The height of the passes varies from 3160 meters to 3860 meters above the sea level.

The highest among the branches of the South Caucasus is the Svaneti range (with the highest peak of Lahili – 4010 m.) that is a watershed between the rivers Inguri and Tskhenistsqali. It is 120 km. long and approximately 2630 meters above sea level.

Tetnuldi Ski Resort

Resort Altitude

1650 – 3125 m

Peak of Resort

4860 m.

Total ski pistes

30 km.

Cheapest Ski pass

30 Gel

Lifts: Tetnuldi has 4 ski lifts and 30 km of ski runs, the longest one is 9.5 km.

Ski pass: Price of a daily pass is 40 Gel (approximately 17$), whole season multipass – 500 lari (200$). They are valid also for the other Georgian resorts (Bakuriani, Tetnuldi, Hatsvali and Goderdzi).

The second biggest national winter resort (after Gudauri), Tetnuldi, is operation since February 2016.

It is located at the same-name mountain. Three POMA lifts will deliver you to an altitude from 1600 m to 3165 m.

As the resort is very young, the accommodation and après-ski is still in process of development. But as Tetnuldi is close to Mestia, it is possible to go there with bus or taxi every day and stay in Mestia overnight.

When you’re not skiing, enjoy your time exploring Mestia, local cuisine and a great museum, a treasure trove of exquisite icons and artifacts gathered from Svaneti’s many remote churches and villages, preserved in this natural mountainous fortress during centuries.






Hatsvali Ski Resort

Resort Altitude

1650 – 2347 m

Peak of Resort

2390 m.

Total ski pistes

7 km.

Cheapest Ski pass

30 Gel

Lifts: Hatsvali has 1 ski lift and 7 km of ski runs; the difference in altitude is 482 m.

Ski pass: Price of a daily pass is 40 lari (approximately 17$). Whole season multipass – 500 lari (200$). They are valid also for the other Georgian resorts (Bakuriani, Tetnuldi, Hatsvali and Goderdzi).

Currently, there are three runs: red (1900 m), blue (2600 m) and the trail for beginners (300 m). Basically, skiers of every level can enjoy one of the world’s most picturesque resorts. Freeride and ski tour lovers will also find good slopes and new challenges for themselves. As the resort grows and develops, it is also possible to find tailor-made ski-tours, one or two-day trips to take you to places never skied before.