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Armenia- Amazing Caucasus country, with great history, breathtaking views, wonderful lakes, rivers and the oldest churches ever. Unique history, culture, amazing local cuisine, flavors and hospitable people will make your Armenia travel unforgettable! You should not lose your chance and visit this stunning place with Sakura Travel Agency, living cost in Armenia is not high so we can offer the best budget tours in Armenia, alongside with luxury ones. Let's start our Armenia Trip!

Armenia Tour Package & Armenia Holiday Packages 

Yerevan- both the capital and the cultural soul of Armenia. If you want to clear your mind while immersing in the handsomeness of Ararat, this Armenia holiday packages is for you. Tours in Armenia allow you to feast eyes on the unique mixture of the modern pace of life and antiquity of the old world. Yerevan is one of the oldest cities in the world, can you imagine? It's about 2800 years old, but when you see Yerevan it seems to be built in this century, modern, beautiful, colourful buildings, fountains, squares, bazars and local people-always ready to help, you feel yourself like in your own family. Day tours in Armenia are very interesting you can see all the museums, buildings and explore history and culture of the country, also you can go to local bazars, bake Armenian Lavash with local people and have a great time.

Day Tour to Lake Sevan is a great idea! Located near Yerevan, Lake Sevan deservedly regarded as the natural wonder of Armenia. The high-altitude lake possesses a rich history and fresh water sources. Lake Sevan is the largest lake in the Caucasus region. On the shore of Lake Sevan there is Sevavanuk Monastery. Monastery was built in 9th century and is one of the most visitable places during Armenia tour package. The view is unbelievable! You can see how sky, water and monastery are in total harmony with each other, just breathtaking! Lake Sevan is very important in Armenia Holiday Package not only as historical but also as gastronomical place, we offer Local fish tasting on the shore of Lake Sevan, and you can have a very pleasant dinner there.

Armenian Holidays 

Echmiadzin (or Vagharshapat) is the heart of the Armenia religious life. Being on the World Heritage List, this city will strike its visitors by undreamt-of beauty. How can it be otherwise if the main cathedral is situated on the site pointed by Christ? The city was ancient capital of Armenia and the monastery was built in ancient Armenia in the early forth century and is considered as the oldest cathedral in the world. Imagine, during Armenia Tour package, how you can see architecture of ancient time, it’s like traveling in time.

Zvartnots Cathedra is one of the most important places during Armenian Holidays. Cathedral was built in 7th century. Zvartnots remained buried for a long time. Now it is on the World Heritage List. Today you can enjoy its splendor and ancient spirit with your own eyes, also enjoy stunning mountains in the horizon.

If you want to have a great relaxing holiday package in Armenia you must visit Dilijan-spa town in the North-East of Armenia, situated within the Dilijan National Park. Locals call it Little Switzerland of Armenia, so you can imagine how beautiful, green and mountainous it is! Also the location is renowned for its mineral water-rich resources and masterpieces of architecture. Moreover, Dilijan is one of the most popular resorts in Armenia. We strongly advise to visit this stunning place and have amazing Armenian Holidays!

As you already see Armenia is very beautiful and interesting country- traveling in Caucasus is amazing experience for everyone! Traditions, local people, nature, and cuisine everything is so unique! You just have to choose Armenia Travel package and immerse your soul in Caucasus!

Armenia Travel Recommendations: 

Take a wine tour in Armenia

Visit local bazars during your free time in Yerevan

Visit the most famous restaurant Dolmama in Yerevan, which is visited by very famous people as Prince Charles, George Clooney and so on.

Key Facts about Armenia: 

Spoken Language: Armenian

Capital city: Yerevan

Currency: Dram

Calling code: +374

Time Zone: UTC +4

Explore Caucasus with us! We have the best Armenia Travel Packages for you!

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