Famous georgian designers

Georgian designers

” Georgia may be a small country, but it definitely packs some big talent. The fashion industry here is developing so quickly that it’s hard to keep track of all the new names. What defines Georgian designers is that they strive for international success, as they’re not satisfied with fame just in the local markets. They learn quickly and are very experimental with production, though they always honor their roots and pay respect to the vast cultural background of their native land. “

Diana Kvariani

The collections are colorful with an advanced edge of playing with contrasts within a high degree of functionality and supreme quality of materials, combination of unexpected textures and meticulous attention to details have become the lable’s signature. All this refers to stylish open-minded and independent personalities, who are not swayed by fleeting seasonal trends.

Georgian designers


Brand’s main idea is to be “very own” for each customer, not to be cliché and understand what’s necessary for ladies in a specific moment. Whole team does it’s best to prove that it is possible to create something new and exciting even in Georgia, where fashion industry is just in the process of development.

Tamuna Ingorokva

Considered amongst Georgia’s top fashion designers Tamuna Ingorokva enjoys national and international recognition with a widespread client base brushed up on the signature styles by the label making major waves in fashion industry in the region.

Has been lauded as a great patron of female liberation her clothes represent women personalities, moods, ambitions and desires, and the times we live in. By every new collection Tamuna continues to fuse sensibilities of modern day with her distinctive standouts representing new ways of timeless looks.

Keti Chkhikvadze

The Brand took part in KFW and GFW, also for 12 season it collections were shown in TRANOI, PARIS. Last 3 season (till now) the brand takes part inNew Cuture (The Westin, Paris-Vendome, Napoleon & Concorde Salon).