Most beautiful Georgia Lakes

Georgia Lakes

Georgia Lakes

Do want to travel to breathtaking places? If yes, travel in Georgia.

Georgia is an amazing country with numerous beautiful places and panoramic views from the high mountains.

There are several destinations in Georgia that will impress you and remain on your memory for the rest of your life. At this point we offer tours to most beautiful Georgia destinations that will make your vacations in Georgia thrilling and unbelievable.

Most beautiful Georgia lakes:


Georgia lakes

Travel in Georgia, book one of our Georgia tour package and visit Oreti is Tusheti Protected Areas. Oreti is reachable only with horses or by foot.

Visit Georgia and exolore green-colored alpine lake, walk in the beautiful Georgian pine forests, enjoy Georgian alpine meadows and breathtaking views over Tusheti in just one or 1.5 day from Omalo. Make it to the top of mountains and take great pictures.

Qoruldi Lakes

Travel in Georgia, book one of our Georgia tour package and visit Svaneti. On a high mountain plateau 3 small lakes slumber under the calm. This plateau is situated right above Mestia, the main town of Svaneti region. Anyway the main beauty of this place are it’s breathtaking panoramic views. Travel in Georgia and watch of surrounding snowy peaks.

Georgia Lakes – Udziro

Located in Racha, on the Katitsvera mountain

Book one of our Georgia tour package and visit Racha. Reachable only in summer and after 2 days of walking. The mirror like surface of the lake reflects the Caucasian mountains. Crystal clean air and Georgian blooming meadows add their share to the beauty of this place.

Georgia Lakes – Tabatskuri

Located in Samtslke – Javakheti region

Travel in Georgia, book one of our Georgia tour package and visit Tabatskuri. This Georgian village, situated on a long peninsula, blue glassy surface, amber fields and silence, disturbed only by the waves.

Tabatskuri Lake – a mountain lake in Georgia, is on the territory of the Samtskhe-Javakheti region. It is located on the Javakheti. It has a volcanic origin.. It is nourished predominantly by underground waters, the drain from the lake also occurs underground. The shores are predominantly high and steep, in the coastal region the soils are stony and sandy-gravel. Lake is rich with fish (trout, barbel, carp, whitefish).

Lake of the Black Rocks

Georgia lakes

Travel in Georgia, book one of our Georgia tour package and visit Lake of the Black Rocks. The lake is Located in Kakheti, Georgia. 48 km long trail to the lake begins at the administration building of Lagodekhi Protected Areas.

This is one of the most interesting trails in all of Georgia travel and is distinguished by its astounding views of the Alazani valley and the Georgian Mountains. The route starts from the Lagodekhi Protected Areas Administration. In 10-15 min you will come across unique hornbeam stands (400-600 m above sea level) which are rather rare in the Caucasus.

Coloured lakes of Abudelauri

Georgia lakes

Travel in Georgia, book one of our Georgia tour package and visit Pearls of the Khevsureti region. The green, white and blue, hidden between the rocks and alpine vegetation. From village Roshka, which is the last point of the motor road, 7 kilometers.

A Magical, mysterious place in Georgia, home of Khevsuretian Gods, with a view to a spectacular Chiukhi Mountain, The Abudelauri lakes are situated in far north of the eastern part of Caucasus Mountains at an altitude of 2500m in alpine zones at the foot of the Chiukhi Massif. Lots of legends and myths are connected to these lakes. The Abudelauri lakes are of transitive colors: one is colorless where you can camp, the second is blue and very beautiful and the last one is white like milk- due to glacier – from the white lake newborn river starts.

Georgia lakes