Georgian Decorative Arts – Cloisonne


Georgia is famous for its art of color and boundless energy. For many centuries it was amazing symbiosis of Georgian, European and Oriental influences. At the XIX century was the recovery and development of Georgian culture with the recreation of unique technology of the past and developing new. This happened with the famous jewelry – Georgian cloisonne enamel Minankari. This jewelry of amazing beauty hits with incredible subtlety of color solutions. Besides, the method itself remains unchanged for twelve centuries. And its cost is not less than jewelry made of precious metals and stones. Cloisonne – labor-intensive and complicated technique of enameling, not amenable to mechanization.


According to the earliest survived examples, the art of Georgian cloisonne enamel has no less than 1200 years of existence. Today, the once abandoned traditions are gaining immense importance, and people again and again turn to the ancient works.


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One of the best places in Tbilisi, where you can buy enamel and other jewelry and accessories made of silver, gold, precious and semi-precious stones, antiques – Saturday Flea Market – Market at Sukhoi Bridge and its surroundings. One of the reasons why foreign tourists arrive in Georgia – a unique, very original jewelry of the highest quality, sold at a low price.