Gomi Mountain – Resort in Georgia

gomi mountain

Gomi Mountain

If you’re willing to discover amazing places of the world you should definitely visit Georgia

Be adventurous and explore wild nature and be the one to find the hidden treasure on the travelers’ map

Location of the resort

Gomi Mountain is located at 2,700 meters above sea level in Georgia’s western region, which is part of Guria-Adjara range and is notable for its unique landscape, fresh air and beauty. Small and cute houses scattered around the mountain create an incredible picture and leave you speechless!

When to visit?

In Gomis Mta resort of Guria April/May means snowed cottages from fairy tales.  June means blossom of Yellow Azalea when the resort turns incomparably beautiful in yellow colors mixed with lots of green and white, July and August means people who come here to rest and more fun, also  every August, the resort Gomis Mta holiday is held around the time of transfiguration holiday when the nature starts to change again.

gomi mountain

In September the resort turns red as bushes of yellow are all red and it starts the new cycle of long winter, lots of snow, abandoned cottages till it comes the June again and brings mystic fogs which are similar to the sea waves who hit you and leave you drunk with a strong smell of yellow mountain flowers and then the sun appears again and descends into the Black Sea which is very near from here.

Near by the mountain, there is a small lake – Chinchao, which is located above 2500 meters from the sea level.


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