アルメニア 世界遺産と花が溢れる渓谷ツァグカゾールをめぐる

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  • You will visit Geghard Monastery which is carved in rock (UNESCO World Heritage site).
  • Enjoy Tsagkhadzor – Armenian Paradise “ravine full of flowers” and 11th century complex with churches, courtyard and chapels.
  • You will explore Garni church formed in ancient roman style architecture from 1st century.
  • Discover natural monument of Stones which were caused by the flows of lava.
  • Try ropeway with highest lift of 2819 meters on Mount Teghenis.

Tour starts at 9:00. First we go to the Monastery Complex of Geghard, which has an outstanding universal value, carved out of mountain dated from the 4th to 13th centuries. Geghard is an exceptionally well preserved and complete example of medieval Armenian monastic architecture and decorative art. It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The second breathtaking place is the temple of Garni. A fortress complex from the 1st century AD. It is the sole surviving pagan temple in Armenia. Next to the Temple you will see the ancient bathroom with its 5 rooms and a mosaic floor with an inscription from Greek mythology. Not far from the village Garni is situated one of the most well-known and beautiful natural monuments of Armenia - Symphony of Stones, which was formed as a result of lava flows.

Near Garni Village you will have an opportunity to follow the whole process of how Armenian traditional lavash is created, a soft, thin, flatbread, found place on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage List. This is a beautiful ceremony to see lavash baking in tandoor, then try the masterpiece with fresh greens and delicious homemade cheese.

You will have a Lunch at one of the best restaurants where you can taste dishes of genuine Armenian cuisine. (Optional)

Then we will move forward to Tsagkhadzor, which name means "ravine full of flowers". This place is an Armenian paradise with nice smells of different flowers of bright colors. Then we will visit the architectural and artistic Monastery of Kecharis built in the 11th century. The complex includes 4 churches, courtyard, 2 chapels and many khachkars (cross-stones).

Next you will enjoy ropeway (the highest lift at 2819 meters on Mount Teghenis) to feel adrenaline and admire Tsagkhadzor's breathtaking nature. You will feel like a bird in the sky. Back to Yerevan.

  • 快適なミニバン、ミニバスまたはバスでの移動
  • 英語ガイドサービス
  • レストランでの昼食
  • 美術館・博物館の入場料
  • ペットボトルのミネラルウォーター

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1 days

total_price: 216
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