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Spa Resorts in Georgia

Spa resorts in Georgia

20 March 2022

Spa resorts in Georgia – the best destinations for relaxing and healing yourself. Stunning nature, wonderful mountains, fresh air and spring waters will boost your health and peace of mind.

You already know Georgia for amazing travel and hiking destinations, but also there are a lot of climatic and spa resorts in Georgia. Each resort differs its medical treatment qualities.

The history of spa resorts starts in 19th century, then there were very popular in Soviet Union. Georgia was the top destination for wellness and retreats. Now Georgian Wellness & Spa culture in very well developed. Hotels and sanatoriums were modernized and renewed, now Spa resorts of Georgia are famous worldwide.

As for climatic resorts, the most popular are: Bakhmaro, Gudauri, Bakuriani, Abastumani, Shovi, etc. – there you can boost your immune system and health, and treat your respiratory system as well. Climatic resorts are very important for children, visiting these resorts can change their health forever, in the best, way of course! Doctors in Georgia advice various resorts to the patients as a prevention and healing of some diseases. As specialists consider the best time of stay is 14 – 21 days.

The most popular Spa resorts in Georgia 

Mineral and Thermal waters, hot springs, natural mud - that’s what Georgian Spa & Wellness offers.  Every resort has its own doctors and wellness facilities. First you must visit doctors consulting room. After consultation you will get appointment with all the necessary treatments and procedures and special regime, if needed.

Here are the most popular spa resorts in Georgia:  


Sairme is a wonderful place located in subtropical mountainous area. It’s known for the thermal and mineral waters. After chemical analyze of the springs, they were separated and each has its own number and pump room. At Sairme you are able to treat urinary calculus disease, bile-pebble diseases, disturbance of metabolism, gastrointestinal diseases.

The territory of Sairme resorts is very well developed. There is a wonderful park and recreation area, all kinds of hotels and wellness and spa. At the Spa center you can treat yourself with underwater massage, classic massage, enjoy hot thermal pool outside and saunas inside.

spa resorts in Georgia

Source: Facebook.com @SairmeResort


Borjomi is probably the most famous among spa resorts in Georgia.  Borjomi mineral water is famous worldwide, you can buy it in many countries of Europe and Asia. Borjomi is necessary for chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys and biliary tract, alteration of substances and some disease of cardiovascular and nervous system. Alongside with water procedures, you can enjoy healing mud baths as well.

The territory of Borjomi is wonderful, the main part of the resort is inside of Borjomi central park and recreation area. Wonderful nature will bring you even more peace and relax. As for hotels, there are luxury hotels alongside with budget friendly hotels and hostels. Spa & Wellness centres are very well equipped and doctors are always ready to give you needed treatment.

spa resorts in Georgia

Source: Facebook.com @borjomipark


Tskaltubo is a very unique resorts. radon-carbonate mineral springs and healing mud. As scientists say: “here is no analogue of Tskaltubo mineral springs among the existing therapeutic waters across the globe”. Unique warm water is used for healing locomotive system disorder, cardiovascular system disease, skin and endocrine diseases, gynecological disorders, metabolic disorders, etc. In the spa center you can enjoy, aqua aerobics, nderwater hydro massage, mud baths, charcot shower, "circular" shower, peloid treatments, colon hydrotherapy, etc.

Spa & Wellness is located in Tskaltubo Park. The territory is all green and nature is wonderful, you will enjoy spending time in this wonderful park. There are fine hotels, renewed sanatoriums, which have a great history and wonderful interior. You can enjoy pools and spa center as well.

spa resorts in Georgia

Source: Facebook.com @tskaltubosparesort


Nunisi resort is located in Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park . Nunisi mineral water cures skin diseases, pacifies nervous system, regulates metabolism, blooms and rejuvenates the skin and encourages organism. Treatments are always prescribed by doctors. Dermatologist and therapeutist observe each patient of Nunisi.

As for the territory just imagine yourself living in the wonderful forest. The place is amazing, nature is wonderful and will affect your mind and health in the best way. There are several Spa hotels and also private village houses for rent.

spa resorts in Georgia

Source: Facebook.com @NunisiResort

So if you want to have a healing and relaxing holiday, Spa resorts in Georgia are for you.  

Living in the most wonderful areas, having pleasant procedures and treatments will improve your physical and mental health and make unforgettable memories as well.  

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