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 Посетите каньон Мартвили и Сванетию из Батуми (двухдневный тур)
2 Дней |Частный тур
  • Откройте для себя удивительную природную красоту каньона Мартвили
  • Тур в Сванетию охватывает все
2 Дней | Частный тур
Экскурсия по Каньону Мартвили и Пещере Прометея из Батуми
1 Дней |Частный тур
  • Откройте для себя природные красоты каньона Мартвили
  • Посетите собор Баграти — удивительную архи
1 Дней | Частный тур
 Дневной тур в Сатаплию и пещеры Прометея из Батуми
0 Дней |Частный тур
  • Вы посетите одну из самых красивых пещер в мире - пещеру Сатаплия, которая полна сталактитов и ст
0 Дней | Частный тур
Tours in Georgia, tour georgia, georgia tours
9 Дней |Частный тур
  • Откройте для себя красивые, дикие и загадочные регионы Грузии.
  • Грузия – одна из первых христиан
9 Дней | Частный тур
bridge of Queen Tamar
1 Дней |Частный тур
  • Аджария - удивительное сочетание гор и морского берега
  • Климат там уникален и, следовательно, пр
1 Дней | Частный тур
Jeep Tour Georgia - 4 WD Adventure 8 Days
9 Дней |Частный тур
  • Кавказские горы
  • Откройте Грузию от гор до моря
  • Нагорье региона Джавахети с его потрясающей ди
9 Дней | Частный тур
11 Дней |Частный тур
  • Посетите объекты всемирного наследия ЮНЕСКО - монастырь Джвари и собор Светицховели.
  • Расположен
11 Дней | Частный тур
View from Batumi Botanical Garden
1 Дней |Частный тур

• Регион Аджарии удивительно сочетает горный край и морское побережье.

• Климат там уникален, что

1 Дней | Частный тур
Old Tbilisi view
8 Дней |Групповой тур

• Откройте для себя одну из старейших стран мира - Грузию.

• Грузия является одной из первых хрис

8 Дней | Групповой тур

Welcome, Batumi tours starts here

If you plan to have the best relaxing holiday at the seaside, Batumi tours are the right choice!

Batumi is a beautiful seaside city in the Autonomous Republic of Adjara. Batumi is not only the administrative center of Adjara but also the tourism center of this region. In the last few years, Batumi improved very much; new buildings, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, and tourist attractions made it one of the best seaside destinations in the world.

This city is lovely; imagine the beautiful Black Sea, sunny beach, comfortable boulevard for bicycle riding and walking, unique architecture, amazing Batumi Botanical Garden, old places, and many more things to visit. You can go on Batumi Eye and the whole town from above, a city immersed in the salty Black Sea, and this view will blow your mind!

Things to do in Batumi

There are a lot of things to do during the Batumi Tour. Visit historical monuments, churches, and old cities, hang out in cozy cafes, and sunbathe on the beach. Batumi is famous as a city of bicycles in Georgia, when you have free time, you can rent a bike and ride particular roads at the boulevard and the whole town.

Shopping in Batumi is a great decision too, there are a few vast malls and fascinating small shops by Georgian designers, for example, Anouki or Flabour store. You can find exciting and unique items here.

Batumi Botanical Garden is so fantastic and huge; you need one day tour to see the whole garden. It creates beautiful harmony between the sea and nature in the Green Cape. Fauna is just unbelievable here, and this place is so good for the best shots and the Black Sea view.

There are many exciting places near Batumi, for example, the Petra Fortress, the Gonio Fortress, and Makhuntseti waterfalls. You can quickly get to other Black Sea beaches from Batumi: Kobuleti, Gonio, and Kvariati – these places are worth seeing.

Many bloggers call Batumi mini Las Vegas in Georgia. They are correct; the city looks bright and alluring at night, with many casinos, nightclubs, bars and restaurants, and luxury hotels – you will have a great time here! Don’t forget about music events often held in summer, Jazz festivals, Georgian folk music festivals, and unforgettable concerts at the Black Sea Arena.

Batumi tour is an excellent opportunity to explore not only Batumi but the whole of western Georgia. From Batumi, getting to stunning Svaneti, amazing Martvili Canyons, Sataplia, Prometheus cave, Vardzia, Gelati, and gorgeous upper Adjara is straightforward.

Make the most of your holiday by taking part in the Batumi tour. It's a chance to create unforgettable memories that you'll treasure forever.

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 Nightlife in Batumi 

Batumi is known for its vibrant nightlife, which offers a variety of choices ranging from traditional Georgian restaurants and bars to modern lounges, nightclubs, and beach clubs. The city’s seaside promenade is perfect for watching the sunset while sipping wine or tasting delicious local cuisine. For those looking for something more lively, plenty of bars and nightclubs throughout the city offer live music until the early morning hours. Whatever your preference, Batumi has something to suit everyone looking to enjoy a night out in this exciting city.

6th Street – This famous street is home to some of Batumi’s best bars and nightclubs. From local watering holes to international-style lounges, the revelry on 6th Street goes well into the wee hours of the morning.

Afisha Batumi Beach Club – Boasting a stunning outdoor terrace overlooking the Black Sea, this beach club offers an exciting vibe with live DJs playing electronic and house music.

Jazz Café – In the center of town, this cozy café is perfect for those looking for something more laidback. Live jazz music plays nightly while patrons can enjoy traditional Georgian cuisine and drinks.

Afisha Batumi Beach Club – Boasting a stunning outdoor terrace overlooking the Black Sea, this beach club offers an exciting vibe with live DJs playing electronic and house music.

Jazz Café – In the center of town, this cozy café is perfect for those looking for something more laidback. Live jazz music plays nightly while patrons can enjoy traditional Georgian cuisine and drinks.

To guarantee an exceptional experience, follow these helpful pointers.

If you plan to visit Batumi, you have many options for your trip.

First, you can customize the tour for individual or group tours. This option allows you to plan a family trip, travel with friends, or travel alone with a group of people with the same interests as you, and they may become good friends. Our transfers are comfortable because we transfer from the airport to the hotel in Batumi

You can choose a day tour with a professional guide, or a multi-day tour if you plan to stay here for several days. You can not only visit Batumi but also take a day trip package that starts from Batumi. We care about our visitors, so our tours are price-friendly and loyal to your needs.

We will try to make your trip unbelievable and show you all the best of our country. Our tours are made for your best experience.

Batumi city tour is the best for city life lovers; you can walk through new Batumi boulevard, see the precious views of beach, or visit the famous statue of Ali& Nino. you can ride the bicycle in the park or go to the best nightclub for fun.


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