Places to visit in Svaneti Georgia

svaneti georgia

Heshkili Svaneti Georgia

This place is a true paradise for cabin lovers. Here we experienced authentic Svanetian culture and we found it to be the  special place to get lost and find yourself. The cabins are located in Keshkili –  Heshkili huts Svaneti provide a garden, terrace and bar. The accommodation features evening entertainment and a shared kitchen. Unfortunately, at that time they didn’t have spare rooms so we got there to take some nice pics.  The host served us with a pie which had unbelievable smell of wild cranberries. She was very kind towards travelers and even assisted us in photographing. If you get to this place, check the cabin on a tree. This trip was a true  fairy tale to me. Svaneti Georgia

svaneti georgia



Take a deep breath and enjoy the fresh air, sun and beautiful view! Svaneti is one of Georgia’s most historic and unique areas. Hatsvali – Svaneti Georgia is (470 km, flights are available) surrounded by mighty 5000 m peaks. The place is located in 8 km from the central village of Svaneti, Mestia. The upper cable car station is located on Mount Zuruldi (2347 m). The difference in altitude is 482 m.

svaneti Georgia


The museum houses more than 4.000 items: archaeological objects discovered in Svaneti region, unique samples of engraved and painted icons (of special interest are X-XII c.c. icons), religious objects (IX-XIV c.c.), manuscripts (XI-XIII c.c. New Testaments from Adishi, Labskaldi, Ienashi, Mestia), weapons and armor, iron and cooper items, wooden ethnographic objects, adornments, silverware, textiles, etc.Museum has special halls of Christian treasure, where visitors have opportunity to see IX-XVIII century masterpieces of world importance such as:  Icon of the Forty Sebastian Martyrs, Embroidered Byzantine Icon, Venetian Cross, jug donated by Queen Tamar, earliest remaining sample of illustrated manuscript- Adishi Gospels (897) and etcetera.

svaneti georgia


Tetnuldi is a prominent peak peak in the central part of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range, located in the Svaneti region of Georgia. According to most sources, Tetnuldi is the 10th highest peak of the Caucasus. The slopes of the mountain are glaciated generally above the 3,000 metre (9,840 ft) line. The most prominent glacier of the mountain is called Adishi.

svaneti georgia