, a U.S. monthly music and entertainment digital magazine, has published an article written by Brooklyn based writer and traveler ‘Ashley’, dedicated to the art cafes of Tbilisi, Georgia. “Picture a post-Soviet Italy influenced by the Middle East in the depths of the Caucasus Mountains and you have Tbilisi, Georgia. For travelers to this capital, a great way to understand the city’s modern sensibilities and its renewed pride—after freeing itself of Moscow’s governance—is to visit an “art cafe,” where Georgia’s true identity flourishes.” – reports.

This is the list of 10 Georgian art cafes published by the above mentioned magazine. These places stand out with their distinct atmosphere and food as well as reflect the local culture.

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Prospero’s Books and Caliban’s Coffeehouse

art cafes

Moulin Electrique

art cafes

Factory 27


Boogie Woogie Pre-Club Bar

O Moda, Moda

Geras Bina