Mountainous Adjara

If you want to spend your vacations in the high mountains, full of diverse nature, mineral waters and delicious cuisine, mountainous Adjara is that magical place that will remain forever in your hearts.

The mountainous regions of Adjara include the Keda, Khulo and Shuakhevi municipalities. Each place is full of rich and diverse natural beauty. The Meskheti, Arsiani and Shavsheti Ranges create a very interesting geographic relief of Adjara with average height between 2000-2500 meters.


Mineral Waters, Diverse Flora and Fauna.

Tourists often visit Keda to see the Makhuntseti waterfall. The nearby areas offer authentic restaurants and scenic picnic locations. The Archaristkali Mountain and river Gorge of Keda municipality are home to a variety of different flora and fauna, as well as other natural beauty, including a waterfall. The region has several mineral waters with unique medicinal qualities.

mountainous Adjara

mountainous adjara

mountainous Adjara


Hiking, Hunting, Horseback Riding, Rock Climbing, Ski resort

Shuakhevi is a typical mountainous municipality full of diverse flora and fauna. The locals pride themselves on their generosity and hospitality. Visitors can get an authentic taste of village life and take part in a variety of farming activities. The area is also excellent for hiking, hunting (wild boars, hares and badgers in particular), horseback riding, rock climbing and cycling. Shuakhevi is also home to the Gomarduli ski resort.


Nature, Lakes, Cuisine, Ski resorts

Khulo – a beautiful part of the Adjaran highland – is distinguished by its rich natural beauty, cultural sites and history. Khulo is composed of mount-forest and mount-meadow soils.. The beautiful Mtsvane Tba (Green Lake) is located in Khulo municipality. Beshumi is a well-developed summer resort, and Goderdzi, Kedlebi and Danisparauli are ski resorts located within the municipality.


If you have not yet decided where to go with your beloved in pursue of adventures it’s time to think about Batumi Georgia – seaside city promises lots of pleasant memories.

This is the list of most romantic places to visit in Batumi Georgia.


Probably dozens of Hollywood scenes can be recalled in which couple in the highest point of Panoramic wheel enjoys each other and fascinating view. If you wish to repeat this scene and fill yourself real film star you do have this possibility in Batumi and besides what can be more romantic than sea view?

Batumi Georgia


Heroes from popular novel by Kurban Said – Ali and Nino are impersonating eternal love. Their history is perfectly given in movable monument – lovers are slowly approaching each other and after temporary dates still separating from each other. Temporary dates of Ali and Nino will not live lovers indifferent.

Batumi Georgia


While searching for romantic environment do not miss Batumi Botanical garden. Marvellous views of sea and mountains and Ajarian flora with its diversity will create good mood to you at any time.

Batumi Georgia


While passing 2586 m ropeway fascinating views will open in front of you – horizon of distanced sea, mountain view and Batumi urban views. At highest point you may enjoy Batumi panoramic view with your beloved which is especially beautiful at night.

Batumi Georgia


If you decide and you visit Batumi Georgia with your beloved you will not need many efforts to find romantic environment. You may simply have a walk at coast, listen to sea noise and meet sunset with your beloved.

Batumi Georgia


If you wish to get far from urban environment and to dedicate the whole day to your beloved you may visit Lake Nuri. Romantic walk on boat in peaceful atmosphere is the perfect situation to feel private with your second half.

Batumi Georgia


Night Batumi offers many pleasant surprises – one of which is fountains which are transformed into theatrical curtain at evening hours. You can enjoy laser show at the background of famous music compositions with your beloved.

Batumi Georgia

Georgia is famous for its art of color and boundless energy. For many centuries it was amazing symbiosis of Georgian, European and Oriental influences. At the XIX century was the recovery and development of Georgian culture with the recreation of unique technology of the past and developing new. This happened with the famous jewelry – Georgian cloisonne enamel Minankari. This jewelry of amazing beauty hits with incredible subtlety of color solutions. Besides, the method itself remains unchanged for twelve centuries. And its cost is not less than jewelry made of precious metals and stones. Cloisonne – labor-intensive and complicated technique of enameling, not amenable to mechanization.


According to the earliest survived examples, the art of Georgian cloisonne enamel has no less than 1200 years of existence. Today, the once abandoned traditions are gaining immense importance, and people again and again turn to the ancient works.


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One of the best places in Tbilisi, where you can buy enamel and other jewelry and accessories made of silver, gold, precious and semi-precious stones, antiques – Saturday Flea Market – Market at Sukhoi Bridge and its surroundings. One of the reasons why foreign tourists arrive in Georgia – a unique, very original jewelry of the highest quality, sold at a low price.

” Georgia may be a small country, but it definitely packs some big talent. The fashion industry here is developing so quickly that it’s hard to keep track of all the new names. What defines Georgian designers is that they strive for international success, as they’re not satisfied with fame just in the local markets. They learn quickly and are very experimental with production, though they always honor their roots and pay respect to the vast cultural background of their native land. “

Diana Kvariani

The collections are colorful with an advanced edge of playing with contrasts within a high degree of functionality and supreme quality of materials, combination of unexpected textures and meticulous attention to details have become the lable’s signature. All this refers to stylish open-minded and independent personalities, who are not swayed by fleeting seasonal trends.

Georgian designers


Brand’s main idea is to be “very own” for each customer, not to be cliché and understand what’s necessary for ladies in a specific moment. Whole team does it’s best to prove that it is possible to create something new and exciting even in Georgia, where fashion industry is just in the process of development.

Tamuna Ingorokva

Considered amongst Georgia’s top fashion designers Tamuna Ingorokva enjoys national and international recognition with a widespread client base brushed up on the signature styles by the label making major waves in fashion industry in the region.

Has been lauded as a great patron of female liberation her clothes represent women personalities, moods, ambitions and desires, and the times we live in. By every new collection Tamuna continues to fuse sensibilities of modern day with her distinctive standouts representing new ways of timeless looks.

Keti Chkhikvadze

The Brand took part in KFW and GFW, also for 12 season it collections were shown in TRANOI, PARIS. Last 3 season (till now) the brand takes part inNew Cuture (The Westin, Paris-Vendome, Napoleon & Concorde Salon).

Looking for some fun after the sun goes down? Tbilisi nightlife is thriving and entertainment scene, offering a variety of dining options, bars & clubs, live music and festivals.


In 2015 band released first album “LIGHThouse”. They are going to go beyond the borders of Georgia and take part in different international festivals. In spite of many problems, that stand in front of the band and causes lots of obstacles, they succeed and talk loudly about the things that others dare to talk.


Genre: Alternative, Indie

Nika Kocharov & Young Georgian Lolitaz

Young Georgian Lolitaz is an Alternative – Indie rock band formed in 2000 in Tbilisi, Georgia.

In december 2015 the band was selected to represent Georgia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. After performing 5 possible songs in a TV show, the song “Midnight Gold” was chosen to perform on the Stage in Stockholm, Sweden in the 2nd semifinal on May 12, 2016.

Genre: Alternative, Indie-Rock

The Mins

“The Mins is a short version of minutes and we’re minutes like the world,” they say. “Our song is different from the other songs because it has strong message.”

Member’s different taste form very unique sound and atmosphere! The group has been awarded Caucasian Music Award Phoenix – For Music Development 2016.

In a message on Facebook, world known Moby urged his fans to “Spread the message of the song and help support their selection to represent Georgia in Eurovision”.

Genre: Alternative Rock


Decay is a cover band founded in 2012, live band is performing Jazz Fusion,Blues,Funk,Rock N Roll.

Band Members are emerging talents and ambitious musicians. Mariann Shengelia is an extremely talented vocalist with amazing performance and individuality. The group is quite popular and you can attend their concerts at various night clubs and city center pubs.

Tamara Shaverdashvili

Her voice is a pure gold! Tamara sings since childhood and took part in various music festivals in France and Spain. In 2014, she participated the X-factor Georgia and with her outstanding performance of “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” knocked the judges down. Tamara is a talented songwriter and now she is finishing her first album that will be released in this summer.

Genres: rock, blues, indie-pop, pop-rock