Vinoteka is located on the most touristic and lively street in the old town (N31 Kote Abkhazi Str.) Among other all kind of wines, you can easily find organic wines at shelves on the left-side wall of the shop. Staff is friendly and well acknowledged to what they sell. Prices are fair. Prices per bottle depending on the producer and variety are from 15 to 30 USD.


Wine room is a wine shop representing wines that are made in small quantities, by people who care deeply about what they do. The mission of the wine shop mission is to bring you natural wines made from sustainably grown grapes, by artisan producers using traditional methods. Wines, that are as unique as the individuals who make them.
Their wines clearly reflect their places of origin, and will introduce them to you first by giving you a sample, so that you can choose your perfect bottle or wine on tap.


Vinotel wine cellar offers a wide selection of natural and bio wines:

Lagvinari’s fully natural kvevri skin macerated wines featured in six different Michelin star restaurants in Europe and span many notable varietals from both east and west Georgia.

Family wineries Gotsa, Sacnaxeli, Zaqaria, Jakeli and many others put their heart and soul into their winemaking with excellent results.

At Vinotel you will find the widest selection of varietals from different regions.

Wine Shop and Bar – 8000 VINTAGES

A newly opened wine store and degustation place. The name symbolizes the history of winemaking in Georgia that counts 8,000 years. A distinguishing part about this shop is that it organizes blind tastings for a panel of winemakers, wine connoisseurs, and sommeliers. All wines presented at bar and shop are carefully selected through blind tasting by the Independent Tasting Commission. Selection is based on the organoleptic qualities and they make sure that wines do not carry any kind of disease. At the moment they have selected 740 wines out of 1521 samples.

wine shop

8000 years old Georgian qvevri wine making tradition

Georgia is one of the oldest wine regions in the world. The fertile valleys and protective slopes of the Transcaucasia were home to grapevine cultivation and neolithic wine production for at least 8,000 years. The vine is central to our culture and tightly bound to our religious heritage. It is common for families throughout Georgia to grow own grapes and produce wine. Feasting and hospitality are central pillars of Georgian culture. These days there are over 500 species of grape in Georgia, a greater diversity than anywhere else in the world, with around 40 of these grape varieties being used in commercial wine production. As interest in natural and artisan wine making increases, a great deal of attention has recently been falling on Georgia’s ancient tradition of quevri wine-making. This method of wine-making dates back over 7000 years. The country’s ancient tradition of fermenting grape juice in clay vessels, known as kvevris, has made it onto UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list.

Do you know that in the western part of Georgia, near the city of Kutaisi is located Khomli Mountain. According to the old historical sources, Khomli is considered as a mystical place, where Greek legendary heroes Argonauts and Heracles were travelling. Khomli Mountain is the mountain, where Prometheus was chained by Zeus’ order…

Do you know that cultivation of tea started at the beginning of the 19th century. Prince Mamia V Gurieli, last ruler of Guria principality in western Georgia, followed advice of the famous   botanists Andre Michaux and his son Francois Andre Michaux, who were the first to bring the tea plant to the United States in 1799 and ordered first samples. These were brought to his botanical garden by the Scottish agronomist and gardener Jacob Montague Marr, together with other exotic plants.  Cultivation of this once unknown plant laid the grounds for the development of what in the following decades became one of the biggest agricultural industries in Georgia.


Do you know that grape pips found by Georgian archaeologists among the ruins of the settlement of Dangreuli Gora near Marneuli (a town south of Tbilisi) date back to the 7th millennium BC. Nowadays, you may enjoy any kind of wine in Georgia that cultivates up to 500 indigenous grape varieties and has been making wines for more than 8000 years:  traditional and modern, dry and sweet, white or red…

Do you know that Georgian wines managed to win recognition internationally and are associated with a very consistent quality and excellent value for money. Georgian wines have been recognized by international critics and over 2015 have been awarded numerous prizes in prestigious international competitions:

  • 9 Georgian wines  won top awards at  MUNDUS VINI International Wine Award 2017 in Germany: 7 gold and 2 silver medals
  • 32 Georgian wines received awards of  International Wine Challenge (IWC) 2016 in London, including 1 gold medal,  2 silver medals and 12 bronze medals
  • 4 Georgian wines were awarded 2 gold and 2 silver medals at Les Citadelles Du Vin  2015 held in Bordeaux (France)

And many others….