Vinoteka is located on the most touristic and lively street in the old town (N31 Kote Abkhazi Str.) Among other all kind of wines, you can easily find organic wines at shelves on the left-side wall of the shop. Staff is friendly and well acknowledged to what they sell. Prices are fair. Prices per bottle depending on the producer and variety are from 15 to 30 USD.


Wine room is a wine shop representing wines that are made in small quantities, by people who care deeply about what they do. The mission of the wine shop mission is to bring you natural wines made from sustainably grown grapes, by artisan producers using traditional methods. Wines, that are as unique as the individuals who make them.
Their wines clearly reflect their places of origin, and will introduce them to you first by giving you a sample, so that you can choose your perfect bottle or wine on tap.


Vinotel wine cellar offers a wide selection of natural and bio wines:

Lagvinari’s fully natural kvevri skin macerated wines featured in six different Michelin star restaurants in Europe and span many notable varietals from both east and west Georgia.

Family wineries Gotsa, Sacnaxeli, Zaqaria, Jakeli and many others put their heart and soul into their winemaking with excellent results.

At Vinotel you will find the widest selection of varietals from different regions.

Wine Shop and Bar – 8000 VINTAGES

A newly opened wine store and degustation place. The name symbolizes the history of winemaking in Georgia that counts 8,000 years. A distinguishing part about this shop is that it organizes blind tastings for a panel of winemakers, wine connoisseurs, and sommeliers. All wines presented at bar and shop are carefully selected through blind tasting by the Independent Tasting Commission. Selection is based on the organoleptic qualities and they make sure that wines do not carry any kind of disease. At the moment they have selected 740 wines out of 1521 samples.

wine shop

Aka Nanitashvili Fashion House

Aka Nanitashvili is one of the most prolific and high profile designers in Georgia. From 2009 she owns and runs Aka Nanitashvili Fashion House. In addition to cloths she also has a line of shoes. In 2003 Aka took her collection at Ukraine and Kazakhstan Fashion weeks which were another succesfull steps in her career as the both shows were highy appreciated by the fashion critics and buyers.  Travel in Georgia and visit this store.

Mazniashvili st. 19, Batumi, Georgia 
+995 577 73 99 77 
  Monday-Sunday: 11:00-20:00
Clothes, accessories, shoes 
Aka Nanitashvili

Anouki Shop

Anouki brand’s main idea is to be “very own” for each customer, not to be cliché and understand what’s necessary for ladies in a specific moment. Whole team does it’s best to prove that it is possible to create something new and exciting even in Georgia, where fashion industry is just in the process of development. Travel in Georgia and visit this store.

Memed Abashidze Str. N 6, Batumi
+995 422 22 32 12
  Every day 11:00-20:00
Clothes, accessories, shoes


Ethnodesign is the brand of “Georgian Heritage Crafts Association, which brings together unique pieces of Georgian handmade ethnic chic products. By purchasing these object you support safeguarding of local heritage craft traditions and employments of Georgian Craftsmakers.

Akhvlediani Str. 23
+995 593906848
  Monday-Sunday: 11:00 – 21:00


This extraordinary flea market will keep you entertained for hours. There is a mesmerizing assortment of antiques, jewelry and bric-a-brac on sale. In the tough days of Perestroika and the early years of independence, the Dry Bridge is where hard-up citizens of Tbilisi would come to sell their possessions in order to make a little cash. For some people that is still the case today, though for others this is their main business. Everything is laid out on the ground, often carefully arranged on sheets of material, other times it is a haphazard collection. One person might be trying to sell you twenty-year-old batteries or an old toothbrush, while their neighbor will be touting antique amber and silver jewelry. If you want to buy anything remember to haggle. Prices may be inflated, especially for tourists. Open daily if the weather is good, from 10:00 – 17:00. At weekends there are usually more sellers, but more tourists too.

Dry Bridge
  Monday-Sunday: 10:00 – 17:00


“White Studio” is offering Georgians and foreigner’s high quality modern works of ceramics and contemporary shapes with traditional Georgian elements. The works are created through world-renowned technologies and trends of Georgian porcelain, faience and red clay. The Studio tries to promote creative potential of modern ceramics as one of the most popular branches of art, to refine artistic level of traditional and modern ceramic works and to improve the quality of Georgian souvenirs.
Each piece presented at the gallery is exclusive and does not repeat. All works are charged with special and positive energy, warmth and love. Wide range of prices on items at the gallery makes it possible for anyone willing to buy a ceramics piece, select exclusive work for the price affordable for him/her
The White Studio finds it very important to trigger interest of younger generation in the ceramic art, which will support the development of this branch in the country and the popularization of Georgian art and culture abroad.

Vera area, 22/26 Janashia St.
+995 595011770; +995599919893
  Monday-Sunday: 12:00 PM – 8:00 AM

ESTIA – Handmade Arts

Estia – handmade souvenirs, gifts and art craft workshop/studio and store. Masterclasses in various art techniques are available and conducted by professional artists. Here you can watch the creation/working process, take part in it, order personalized gifts or purchase unique Georgian souvenirs and household accessories.

Lermontovi st. 3
+995 322 43 20 06
  Monday-Sunday: 12:00 PM – 8:00 AM