In Upper Racha, on the Southern slope of the highest segment of Greater Kavkasioni – Racha Kavkasioni, is located health and spa resort Shovi

Resort is sprawling on the plain-type space surrounded by coniferous (spruce, fir, pine) and mixed (beech, oak, hornbeam, birch, dogwood and alder) forests and perpetually snowy glaciers. There are 16 mineral water springs, each of them is different with its contents and is used for treatment of different diseases.


Beauty of Shovi scenery and glut of mineral waters has been known from ancient times both to the residents of surrounding territories and travelers.

Shovi is an interesting place for mountain climbing, skiing, rafting. It is known that in this segment of Kavkasioni, on the elevation of 4000 m, there are several peaks that have seen no man on its slopes. Lovers of walking tours will be interested with a pathway leading to Mamisoni pass (2820 m) following the remarkable Chanchakhi gorge.


Resort in Shovi was instigated by a doctor named Shamshe Lezhava. Earlier, he was interested with resort development. In the beginning of the XIX century when he was a student at Vienna University, he was told to have covered by walking Aland, Davos, Wildungen, Baden, Karlsbad, aiming at foundation of the similar resort in his native Ambrolauri. No sooner had he returned to his motherland than he started looking for the place and he picked Shovi as the best option. He started arranging a resort in the 20-ies of the XX century. In 1928 Shovi received first vacationers. Beautiful buildings were built in Shovi (sanatorium, hotel, power plant, multiple dweller for the people who were engaged in service sector of the resort), part of which needs rehabilitation today. Natural conditions of Shovi enable to develop here mountain skiing resort.

Gomi Mountain

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Location of the resort

Gomi Mountain is located at 2,700 meters above sea level in Georgia’s western region, which is part of Guria-Adjara range and is notable for its unique landscape, fresh air and beauty. Small and cute houses scattered around the mountain create an incredible picture and leave you speechless!

When to visit?

In Gomis Mta resort of Guria April/May means snowed cottages from fairy tales.  June means blossom of Yellow Azalea when the resort turns incomparably beautiful in yellow colors mixed with lots of green and white, July and August means people who come here to rest and more fun, also  every August, the resort Gomis Mta holiday is held around the time of transfiguration holiday when the nature starts to change again.

gomi mountain

In September the resort turns red as bushes of yellow are all red and it starts the new cycle of long winter, lots of snow, abandoned cottages till it comes the June again and brings mystic fogs which are similar to the sea waves who hit you and leave you drunk with a strong smell of yellow mountain flowers and then the sun appears again and descends into the Black Sea which is very near from here.

Near by the mountain, there is a small lake – Chinchao, which is located above 2500 meters from the sea level.


If you are looking for a heaven on the earth, we’re happy to share our experience with you.

Bakhmaro – is a high-mountain health resort which is located in the hollow of Guria Mountains covered by pine and fir trees. Mount Gadrekili, or Lechkis Seri (2520 m) overlooks it from the East. This peak is called by vacationers ‘Mount of the Rising Sun’. During the rising sun wonderful scenery opens up from the peak.

Why is it attractive?

Besides its heavenly landscape, beautiful pine forests, alpine meadows and amazing views the area is notable for its small cute cottages that are scattered throughout the green valleys with a river flowing through them.

Small cottages which people hire for 1 to 3 weeks in summer, beautiful pine forests and alpine meadows, nearby summer villages of mountain Adjarians who will serve you fresh cheese and sour cream and other local food, police station, cafe and some signs of civilization in the middle of high mountains will make you feel yourself in the different planet.

The mountains and the stars and views to Caucasus mountain range including Elbrus, Shkhara, Ushba and even Mkinvartsveri in the East will make your stay more memorable, only if mystical fogs don’t interfere, so you need to check weather carefully.

Horse Riding

Every year, on August 19, dozens of riders compete in a horse race in Bakhmaro Resort as part of the celebration of the Transfiguration of Jesus.

Brief History of Bakhmaro

“Until the end of XIX century Bakhmaro was visited only by shepherds. Shepherds were people who spread the resorts unique therapeutic features. At the start shepherds took to Bakhmaro mountains their family members on whom sound climate made positive impact. The first vacationer soon followed shepherds and was quickly cured from widespread disease – tuberculosis. After that in a short spell of time rumors about miraculous climate of the resort extended far and wide. The number of vacationers went up every year. Later on multi-faceted clinical research proved that unique climate of Bakhmaro is the best means of strengthening immunity and reinvigorating oneself, and gives wonderful results in treatment of tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases.”

Bakhmaro resort

Lamaria Chapel in Ushguli – Europe’s highest village

Lamaria Chapel

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Despite its diminutive size, nature in Georgia is very diverse. It doesn’t matter where you go but Georgia’s nature will keep you speechless. Once in Georgia you should really consider a trip into the mountains.

The highest point is around 7,190ft above sea level. In one picture the highest inhabited village in Europe can be seen surrounded by green mountains. There are believed to be around 200 residents, which dates back more than 2000 years.  Svaneti retains a pristine medieval quality.

A short walk above the village leads to a small hilltop where the Lamaria Chapel is located, full of magnificent old frescoes, dating back to the 12th century. The superb location of Ushguli and the unique lifestyle of the people in the village turn the place into a popular destination to visit.

It is a once in a life time experience, don’t miss out on it!

Lamaria Chapel, USHGULI 村
Lamaria Chapel, USHGULI 村

Martvili Canyon  canyon is located on the river Abasha. The Length of canyon is 2400 m, and the depth is 20-40 m, there is 12 m height waterfall in the middle part of the canyon. There are fossilized bones of animals inhabiting the land before 75 million years, owing to which is the third discovery in the world, on the territory of which the parts of dead bodies of animals of pre-historic era are presented in great number. In some grottos of canyon there are traces of existence of primary human in several grotto of canyon. Despites there are bones of extinct families, including those ones of grotto bear and bison.

Martvili kanyon

There are boat tours through Martvili Canyon, waterfalls, even a camping area deep swimming in the canyon is available.

Martvili is located in Samegrelo region of Western Georgia, 280km from Tbilisi. On its highest hill there is a Monastery. The site upon the hill where the monastery stands today was used in ancient times as a pagan cultural center and was a sacred site.

Martvili canyons used to be a bath place for Dadiani family. Now people visit it to enjoy the scenery, its waterfalls and take a boat trip in the river with deep green color.

New visitors Centre was built in Martvili in summer and conditions are as follows:

Entrance 5 gel, boat trip 10 gel per person

There are walking routes in Martvili Canyon (around 300-500m) and boat trip including stoppage time lasts around 15-20 minutes. Walking routes are must and not less impressive than boat trip.

-Work hours: from 10 am to 6pm; every day except Monday.

martvili kanyon
martvili kanyon