Tbilisi nightlife

Even though Tbilisi is a great city to visit, due to the rich history and culture of this area, this doesn’t mean that you cannot come here to have fun. Tbilisi nightlife is very much alive, various night clubs being available throughout the city, as a response to the need of the young generation for entertainment. Eastern Europe is known for the amazing parties, clubs, and music festivals that gather incredible numbers of people from around the world, and Tbilisi Georgia, is not making an exception from this rule. So, if you enjoy traveling but you want to reach a place where clubbing is available and respects the latest trends, you need to come to Tbilisi.

The electronic music scene is quickly developing in Tbilisi, making this city one of the most recent sought after destinations for young people in search for new experiences. If you are wondering about Tbilisi’s best clubs to check out while in the city here is the list with some of the most iconic in the city.


N5, 3 Tamar Chovelidze Str.

Working Hours

Monday-Sunday: 12:00 – 02:00


Pizza, European, Vegetarian Friendly


Outdoor Seat., Wheelchair Acc., Am. Express, MasterCard, Visa, Free WiFi

Phone Number

+995 32 202 02 99

Average Prices

Price per person: 15$ (approx.)

Why to visit Lolita?

It’s a great place with a new and very unusual concept. It is located in a central part of the city, with charming courtyard and beautiful environment. But the main thing that makes this restaurant one of the best place is its open kitchen. While, Georgian cooks are preparing your food and drinks you can observe the culinary process or enjoy urban style interior and relax with a glass of red Georgian wine or cocktail. Lolita, is a three-store venue that incorporates bar, lounge, and nightclub – so you can visit this place at any time you want.

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Tbilisi is considered by many to be the best clubbing city in Eastern Europe, because the partying and clubbing culture has become a lifestyle and music is a nearly sacred thing there.

Many visitors who are eager to explore Tbilisi nightlife look for places where they both can have fun and see how Georgians party.

So here is the list of top Tbilisi night clubs

prepared by Georgia Starts Here.


Tbilisi nightclubs

One of the best-known clubs in the city is Bassiani, fitted with an incredible sound system and using it to deliver the finest techno and house all night long. Since opening in late 2014, Bassiani, which has given an old swimming pool a new lease on life, has become one of Georgians favourite places to experience dance music. A number of details give Bassiani it’s solid reputation: its sound system, which is one of the best you can get (Funktion 1), it’s decent lightning, it’s residents, which include local heroes like HVL and Zitto and of course it’s weekly line up, that provides the best techno and house djs from all over the world. Since 2016, the club has run it’s own label Bassiani, with the releases of Vril, Voiski, HVl, Zeskneli etc.

Web: http://bassiani.com/


Tbilisi nightclubs

In the late 50’s, it went back to being a restaurant and in 2012 the place was finally transformed into a space dedicated to electronic music and art in general. Nowadays “Mtkvarze” offers the best of underground house and disco in its main room, plus a more varied playlist, from experimental music to hip-hop, in its smaller second room. There’s also a balcony with a view of the river Mtkvari. The sound system is by Void Acoustics, and many consider it to be one of the best in the world. Since its foundation, the club has already hosted international and local artists, djs as well as vjs and won “The Best Venue” price at the Awards Ceremony for the innovative Pop culture Electronauts three times in a row.

Info – Friday-Saturday: 11:00 pm – 11:00 am

Café Gallery & Didi Gallery

Café Gallery is popular for its friendly atmosphere that helps people meet each other. In spite of its small capacity – main room contains little more than a dance floor with space for less than a two hundred people – it hosts credible house and techno act like Daniel Bell, Tama Sumo, Boo Williams, Lakuti etc. Launched in 2015, Didi Gallery (owned by the same people) offers credible house and techno acts – from Detroit’s Derrick May and Kenny Larkin to Berlin’s Ellen Allien.

Info – Cafe Gallery: Open: All Day; Didi Gallery: Fri-Sat, Open from 11PM

Mzesumzira’s Ezo

Mzesumzira is not a club, mzesumzira is not a music festival, mzesumzira is not even a community, mzesumzira is all-together. A group of DJs and just friends, created a label Mzesumzira (Sunflower) in 2014, since that time they are conducting creative and one of the most friendly and colorful event in Georgia, maybe the best open air music festivals in Tbilisi hot summer is Mzesumzira’s Ezo in Mtatsminda park with picturesque view over Tbilisi. You can take your children for day events, but be ready for all night long dancing with most relaxed people in Tbilisi.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/120197995058184/

Info – Open on Saturdays


Located next to one of Tbilisi’s most popular lakes, the Turtle Lake which is great place for your kids, Vitamin Cubes is an open-air venue with a main floor, an open-air cafe and an experimental stage. Cubes is a main techno stage with 160 illuminated water tanks stand in the open space. The stage is open every Friday. The Second venue is famous for its house event series named Around the Tree. An experimental stage, called “Wood” is a space where local and foreign artists give live acts on Sunday Sunset Lake Sessions. Music, wild nature and continues falling of the waterfall truly create enchanting ambiance here.

Web: http://vitamin.ge/

Looking for some fun after the sun goes down? Tbilisi nightlife is thriving and entertainment scene, offering a variety of dining options, bars & clubs, live music and festivals.


In 2015 band released first album “LIGHThouse”. They are going to go beyond the borders of Georgia and take part in different international festivals. In spite of many problems, that stand in front of the band and causes lots of obstacles, they succeed and talk loudly about the things that others dare to talk.


Genre: Alternative, Indie

Nika Kocharov & Young Georgian Lolitaz

Young Georgian Lolitaz is an Alternative – Indie rock band formed in 2000 in Tbilisi, Georgia.

In december 2015 the band was selected to represent Georgia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. After performing 5 possible songs in a TV show, the song “Midnight Gold” was chosen to perform on the Stage in Stockholm, Sweden in the 2nd semifinal on May 12, 2016.

Genre: Alternative, Indie-Rock

The Mins

“The Mins is a short version of minutes and we’re minutes like the world,” they say. “Our song is different from the other songs because it has strong message.”

Member’s different taste form very unique sound and atmosphere! The group has been awarded Caucasian Music Award Phoenix – For Music Development 2016.

In a message on Facebook, world known Moby urged his fans to “Spread the message of the song and help support their selection to represent Georgia in Eurovision”.

Genre: Alternative Rock


Decay is a cover band founded in 2012, live band is performing Jazz Fusion,Blues,Funk,Rock N Roll.

Band Members are emerging talents and ambitious musicians. Mariann Shengelia is an extremely talented vocalist with amazing performance and individuality. The group is quite popular and you can attend their concerts at various night clubs and city center pubs.

Tamara Shaverdashvili

Her voice is a pure gold! Tamara sings since childhood and took part in various music festivals in France and Spain. In 2014, she participated the X-factor Georgia and with her outstanding performance of “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” knocked the judges down. Tamara is a talented songwriter and now she is finishing her first album that will be released in this summer.

Genres: rock, blues, indie-pop, pop-rock