Goderdzi Ski Resort

is located at an altitude of 2,000 meters, 252 km away from Tbilisi and 109 km away from Batumi, in the highlands of Adjara on the Goderdze Pass. The resort is distinguished with its nature, fresh air, beautiful scenery and well-equipped skiing tracks.

Goderdzi Ski Resort hosts its guests all year round. Alpine mountains and forest hiking, bicycle and horseback riding is offered in summer, as well as the paragliding. Visitors have the opportunity to taste the local curative mineral spring waters and visit Goderdzi fossil forest, which is one of the most unique in the world.

Goderdze Pass offers two cable lines to its guests, total length of the tracks of which amounts to 8 kilometers. Here, two cable cars will serve the holidaymakers: 8-seat gondola and 6-seat bubble. Hotel Meteo, which is operated on the Goderdzi Pass, can accommodate 35 persons and 6 cottages are determined for 70 persons.

How to get to Goderdzi:

If you drive from Batumi, the central town of Adjara region, you reach Goderdzi in 2 hours. The 4×4 car is needed, as the road is not paved. The direct public transport is not available in winter, but you can take a bus to Danisparauli village (they run daily at 11:15 and 15:10) for 7 lari and take a cab in Danisparauli for approximately 25 lari/car. Another option is to take a minibus to Khulo from Batumi old bus station (they run every hour from 9 AM to 6 PM) and again, take a free shuttle up there (the schedule can be specified in Khulo information center).

Goderdzi ski resort

Distance from Georgian International Airports to Goderdzi Ski Resort:

Tbilisi International Airport – 288 km

Kutaisi International Airport 242 km

Batumi International Airport – 110 km

If you drive or ride a bus from Batumi, the central town of Ajara region, you reach Goderdzi in 2 hours. The resort is not big yet. Two gondola lifts are operating there. The highest point is 2390 m above the sea level, the altitude difference is around 690 m. The whole day ski pass will cost you 25 lari (approximately 12 USD). Goderdzi is good as for skiing and boarding at the prepared pistes, as well as for freeride. Winters are usually snowy there, so you won’t have problems with finding fresh powder at the slopes.

Ski Rentals

Prices for rental skis and snowboards in Goderdzi:

1 hour: 5 GEL (about USD 2.0)

The whole day: 25 GEL (about USD 10,4)