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17 June 2019


   Moscow Avenue, Baku, Azerbaijan 

   Azerbaijani, Vegetarian-friendly  

   11: 00 - 00: 00 

 Why To visit Avaz Dining & Lounge?  

Avaz Dining & Lounge is a traditional restaurant in Baku that portrays the authentic Azerbaijani culture through food. Aside from serving authentic Azerbaijani recipes, the restaurant also doubles as a music lounge. Every weekend, guests are serenaded with local jazz and music performances from the country’s top musicians.

The menu of Avaz features a complete list of traditional Azerbaijani dishes on top of the Chef’s Weekly Specials. All dishes are inspired by the rich culinary traditions of the country dating back to the early centuries. Among the most popular dishes on their menu is the pumpkin soup, sea bass with ginger and veggies, and lamb chops kebab.

The restaurant’s interior is a bit classic and nicely decorated. Overall, the ambiance is very romantic especially during weekend nights when local jazz music can be heard playing in the background.

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