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Baku Marionette Theatre

Baku Marionette Theatre

05 August 2019

     Muslum Magomayev 20, Baku 1001, Azerbaijan  


Established in 1980 by director Tarlan Gorchu, the Baku Marionette Theatre is housed in a beautiful historical building featuring a combination of Russian and European architectural elements. Due to the complexity involved in the marionette puppet performance, such theater genre no longer exists in many countries today.

If you want to learn more about marionette puppetry and Azerbaijan’s local culture and heritage, visiting the Baku Marionette Theatre is highly recommended. Here, you’ll have a great opportunity to witness a traditional marionette performance featuring the Azerbaijani people’s cultural heritage. Watching the puppetry performance will transport you into another dimension, as you listen to traditional Azeri music and melodies of Azeri speech.

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