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Chamber Theatre

Chamber Theatre

30 August 2019

     58 Mesrop Mashtots Ave, Yerevan 

      11 : 00  - 20 : 00  

The Chamber theater is the place to go for small and intimate performances in Yerevan. Each play - which is designed by the founder and artistic director, Ara Yernjakyan - is performed by a handful of actors who participate in a number of different shows. 

The venue's name is symbolic for the company; the word "chamber" is used to represent the theater company's simple atmosphere and boundless commitment to a lack of direction. Instead of sticking to one type of genre, this venue produces shows that range from drama and tragedy to comedy and musical performances. 

This place is perfect for those looking for a combination of professional performances and a new take on the theatrical front. Don't miss out on seeing a show on your next trip to Yerevan. 

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