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17 June 2019


   Shovket, 1 Alekperova, Sabail District, Baku, Azerbaijan 

   Chinese, Japanese, Asian cuisines  

   12: 00 - 01: 00

Why to visit Chinar?   

Chinar is one of the most beautiful restaurants in Baku and is situated in Baku’s most significant urban areas. It’s close to the famous statue of the legendary Azerbaijan hero, Bahram Gur. 

Old Chinar trees surround the restaurant’s front facade. Upon entry, you’ll be greeted with the stunning interiors that feature a steel roof, stonewalls, and a hanging mezzanine. You can choose to dine outdoors, under the shaded trees, or enjoy the cozy atmosphere indoors. 

Chinar is a great place to dine if you’re craving for some Asian dishes. Their menu consists mainly of recipes from Asian countries, like China, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia. Some of their specialties include the Canadian lobster tempura with green tea salt, Sweet and sour chicken, and Wagyu oxtail stew with five-spice gravy. 

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