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Mer Taghe

Mer Taghe

21 June 2019


  Pizza, Fast Food, Middle Eastern, Armenian 

  10.Tumanyan str. 21/1, Yerevan  

  09 : 00 - 03 : 00 

Why to visit Mer Taghe?

Mer Taghe is an unassuming stop for a bite to eat. From the outside, it looks like any other fast-food restaurant that might serve a bit of this or that of the popular Armenian fare; but once you sit down to order, you realize that this place is not what it seemed. 

The staff, who are always friendly and helpful, create a very inviting atmosphere for guests; you never have to worry about poor service. What makes this place--for lack of a better phrase--a hidden gem hiding in plain sight, however, is the compact and inexpensive menu Mer Taghe offers. For those who have been there, they know that the lahmajoun, served with a wedge of lemon, is arguably one of the best in Yerevan. The manti and jengyalov hats, a native dish of Nagorno-Karabakh, come in as a close second. 

If you are looking for a quick place to stop for some cheap eats in the downtown area, you can't beat Mer Taghe. Their menu and staff go beyond the initial appearance you see from across the street.   

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