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Museum of Illusions

Museum of Illusions

07 August 2019

   Betlemi street 10, Tbilisi 

    10:00 AM - 10:00 PM 

The Museum of Illusions is conveniently located in the Old Tbilisi district, a central meeting place loaded with sites and restaurants for guests and locals alike. 

At this museum, you're not going to want to leave your phone or camera behind at the hotel. This place has tons of picture-worthy moments and experiences for visitors. There are three floors of exhibits to explore through with a few "brain" games that can be played solo or with a group of friends. There is plenty of staff around to help explain games and show visitors the perfect angle for seeing the optical illusions.

This place is a popular destination for tourists because of its playful atmosphere that has proven itself to be fun for all generations, new and old.

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