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National Art Museum

National Art Museum

05 August 2019

     Niyazi St., 9/11, Baku, Azerbaijan  

     10 : 00 - 18 : 00  

The National Art Museum of Azerbaijan is the largest art museum in the country and was established in 1936. It consists of two buildings standing right next to each other. The museum houses a massive collection of more than 15,000 artworks. More than 3,000 art collections are displayed permanently across 60 rooms and the rest are kept in storage.

The first building of the National Art Museum displays a large collection of European art that includes the work of famous European artists like Lorenzo Bartolini, Jules Dupré, Adriaen Brouwer, Johann Heinrich Roos, and more. On the second building are Eastern art collections represented by Turkish, Persian, Chinese, and Japanese art. The museum also holds interesting art pieces such as the miniatures of easels and books from the 17th century and lacquered miniatures obtained around the 18th-19th centuries.

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