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Bakuriani Resort - Georgia

Bakuriani Resort

A favorite resort in summer and winter for kids and adults, beauty of the Borjomi Gauge, is located on the northern slope of the Trialeti Range on the banks of the river Bakurianistskali at around 1700 meters above sea level, it lies 30 kilometers from Borjomi and 180 kilometers from Tbilisi, the capital.

Bakuriani is known for days with long sunshine, for 2052 hours a year and long snowy winter from December to March.

Winters are cold and experience sufficient snowfall while summers are long. Average January temperature is - 7 and in August +15degrees by Celsius. Average snow cover makes 64 sm.

Cristal clean air of high mountains, predominantly coniferous (mainly made up of spruce) forest filled with the perfume of beech trees, Kokhtagora, Kokhtagora II and views of mountains of Tskhratskaro attract attention of visitors during all seasons of the year.

No wonder that Bakuriani is one of the most famous mountain resorts among Georgian international ski resorts.

Its climate and relief is ideal for the development of varieties of winter sports. First skiers were fixed here in 1932.

During winter seasons families with kids and fans of skiing adults equally enjoy staying here.

Cable ways can be found in several places, on the Kokhtagora mount (1.3 km), Kokhtagora II, Sakhvelo mount (3.8km), under 90 and 25 m. ski jumps and there are also places for tobogganing in the park.

The Kokhtagora along with other ski runs is one of the best difficult skiing runs for professional skiers.

Tatra-Poma is the only ski run in Georgia certified by International Mountain-Skiing Federation. Length of the dragging cable way is 2700 m. A small dragging cable way is 450 m. long for beginners and kids.

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