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Грузия и Армения 8 Дней

Закавказие , Армения , Грузия
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Основные моменты

• Откройте для себя две старейшие страны - Грузию и Армению всего за один тур.

• Грузия и Армения являются одними из первых христианских стран в мире.

• Расположенные на важном перекрестке, Грузия и Армения имеют уникальное и древнее культурное наследие и славятся своими традициями гостеприимства и кухни.

• Грузия и Армения изобилуют природным разнообразием.

• Грузия также известна как колыбель вина.


Этот тур познакомит вас с двумя древнейшими странами мира - Грузией и Арменией. Археологические данные свидетельствуют о том, что район Южного Кавказа является одним из древнейших мест присутствия человека, насчитывающим 1,8 миллиона лет. Расположенные на важном перекрестке, Грузия и Армения имеют уникальное и древнее культурное наследие и славятся своими традициями гостеприимства и кухни. Грузия и Армения изобилуют природным разнообразием. Грузия также известна как колыбель вина. Исследуя эти страны Южного Кавказа, вы обнаружите удивительную смесь культур, которая объединила Европу и Азию ...


День 1

Arrive in Tbilisi after your flight,  you need to reach the hotel, you can check in any time after 14:00 Tbilisi time. Meeting in the lobby of the hotel at 19:00 Tbilisi time (UTC 04:00) and drive to Restaurant Funicular, where you will have welcome dinner.

День 2
Tbilisi sightseeing tour

Tbilisi sightseeing tour – the Old Town and the New City. The city offers a wide variety of sights, most of them very ancient. We begin our visit just a few minute walk from the hotel in the compact area of Old Tbilisi. Starting at the church of Metekhi, we walk to the brick domes of sulfur baths and then on to spectacularly located Narikala’s fortress – one of the oldest fortresses in Georgia, overlooking Mtkvari river gorge. After that we visit the synagogue, and the Sioni and Anchiskhati churches, which mark the end of the Old Town. After we visit the treasury of the National Museum of Georgia (Georgian Archaeology from 8th millennium B.C.). Visit the holy trinity cathedral, the third biggest church in the world. Dinner in the local restaurant, tasting Georgian dishes and wine.  Spend the night in Tbilisi.

День 3
Tbilisi – Mtsketa – Ananuri – Stefantsminda - Tbilisi

After a breakfast in the hotel, we visit the ancient capital and the religious centre of Georgia – Mtskheta (3000 years old) and see its historical sites: Jvari monastery (6th century) and Svetitskhoveli cathedral (11th century), where, it is said Christ’s shroud is buried. Both Jvari and Svetitskhoveli are UNESCO World Heritage sites. Then we visit the ancient ruins of the city and drive north towards the Northern Caucasus along the well-known Georgian Military Road. On the way we visit Ananuri – a 17th century architectural complex. An exciting drive from Gudauri along the Terek River will take us to Kazbegi – the main town in the region. From Kazbegidrive with 4 WD vehicles through beautiful valleys and woods brings us to Gergeti Trinity church located at 2170m. in good weather you can see for a moment one of the highest glaciers in the Caucasus – the mountain Kazbegi (5047m). We go back to the Tbilisi. Dinner in the local restaurant, tasting Georgian dishes and wine.  Spend the night in Tbilisi.

День 4
Tbilisi – Gori – Borjomi – Akhaltsikhe

After a breakfast at hotel, you will drive to Akhaltsikhe (approximately 3 hrs.) It was founded at least 800 years ago, and was a regional administrative center for the Ottomans from the 16th century up to the Russian-Turkish War. On the way to Akhaltsikhe, we may stop at Uplistsikhe Cave Town-Fortress, which history begins in the I-II millennium B.C. or Stalin’s museum in Gori. Lunch will be provided in Gori or Borjomi.

Check-in at Akhaltsikhe’s hotel. Afterwards, a tour to the 13th century Rabat Fortress that is a mix of different religions and architecture. In the evening, a dinner at local restaurant.

День 5
Akhaltsikhe – Khertvisi – Vardzia – Akhalkalaki - Yerevan

After a breakfast at the hotel, a tour to the 2nd century B.C. Khertvisi Fortress, once destroyed by Alexander the Great and a cave monastery Vardzia, the caves of which stretch along the cliff for some five hundred meters and in up to nineteen tiers and which area is believed to be first inhabited during the Bronze Age. Lunch will be provided at one of Vardzia’s guesthouses. After lunch you go to the border, where you change the transport and guide.

After meeting with the Armenian guide you move forward to Yerevan - the hospitable capital of Armenia.  Check-in. Rest.

Welcome dinner at a local restaurant with tasting Armenian dishes and drinks.

День 6
Yerevan city tour – Etchmiadzin (UNESCO) – Zvartnots (UNESCO) – Yerevan

Start discovering Armenia by a visit to the State History Museum where you get familiar with a complete picture of the Armenian culture and history dating back to 1 million years ago up to nowadays. Then go sightseeing in one of the world's oldest cities – 2796-year-old Yerevan.  Open-air lunch at one of restaurants located just in Hrazdan River gorge.

Then you move forward to the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin – the spiritual centre of the Armenian Apostolic Church and the seat of the Supreme Patriarch and the Catholicos of All Armenians. Numerous kings and Catholicoses have been crowned and consecrated here.

When Noah emerged from the Ark in the Ararat Valley, he built an altar of sacrifice in the place where the Mother Cathedral is now standing and offered a sacrifice. St. Gregory the Illuminator chose the location of the 4th C Mother Cathedral in accordance with the vision he had. In his dream, he saw the Miatsin (meaning “the Only Begotten Son of God”) with glittering light on his face descending from the Heaven and with a golden hammer striking the ground where the Mother Cathedral of Holy Etchmiadzin was to be located. Hence, Etchmiadzin means "the place, where the Only Begotten Son of God descended".

On the way back to Yerevan you stop at the ruins of outstanding Zvartnots Temple.  

You're in Yerevan again.To deeply feel the spirit of the city you dine and spend the evening at one of open-air cafes.

День 7
Yerevan – Geghard (UNESCO) – Garni – Yerevan

In the morning, the coach takes you to Geghard Monastic Complex located on the mountainside of the almost closed amphitheater of harsh cliffs. It is famous for its rock-cut architecture. Thanks to its hard-to-reach area, the Holy Lance which pierced the side of Christ has been kept here for 500 years. St. Thaddeus Apostle brought it to Armenia in 33 AD. In honor of the Holy Lance, Ayrivank Monastery (meaning “Cave Monastery”) was renamed Geghart (the Armenian translation of “the Holy Lance”).  

On the way you stop at Charents Arch to enjoy the majestic view of the Biblical Mount Ararat.

The next highlight is the only standing pagan temle in Armenia – Garni, devoted to Mihr, who, in accordance with the Armenian Mythology, was the God of the Sun. From here, you will enjoy the impressive view of breathtaking high cliffs called “Symphony in the stone”.

An unforgettable experience is waiting for you in Garni village – you can take part in a real ritual of baking national “lavash” bread with local villagers. Enjoy the open-air lunch.  

Return to Yerevan. Spice this day with an excursion and tasting in well-known Yerevan Brandy Factory.

День 8
Yerevan – Lake Sevan – Tbilisi

It's time to driving to one of the highest fresh-water lakes in the world – the Sevan (1 900m).  From the top of Sevan Peninsula you can admire the full view of the lake of volcano-tectonic origin and the adjacent mountain chains.

Say goodbye to Armenia and continue your route to travel within Georgia.

After meeting with the Georgian guide you move forward to Tbilisi.

This tour will finish in Tbilisi (International Airport or Freedom Square) at 15:00 Tbilisi time (UTC 04:00)


Включено/Не включено

  • Перевозка на комфортабельном седане, минивэне или микроавтобусе
  • Размещение в двухместных номерах в отелях
  • Услуги рускоязычного гида на всю поездку
  • Питание - Двухразовое питание (завтраки в отелях и ужины в лучших местных ресторанах)
  • Входные билеты в музеи
  • Local guides in museums
  • Бутылка минеральной воды
  • Международные авиабилеты
  • Международная страховка путешествия
  • Одноместное проживание
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Отзыви наших гостей

Aqeela Al-Asfoor Aqeela Al-Asfoor
In Tiblisi everything was very good. The hotel was located nicely and very ckean with cooporative staff. The guide Nano was very good, friendly and easy going made the tour unforgettable. However, in Yerevan the Hotel was very bad , the staff were not cooperative, the hotel has no elevator's and help with the luggage was not provided up and down the many floors. In addition for ky family rooms were located in saparate floors which was not convenient. And the staff was not willing to change untill the matter escalates ri director level. When it comes to the guide in Yerevan her name was Roza she was an amazing guide. And made the tour excellent. She was very informative and friendly.


Wow! What a service!! My girlfriend and I returned last month from a 9 day Georgia/Armenia trip that we organized thru Sakura. Their service in one word – WOW!! I am still stunned at their attention and care, and when I sit back and examine the price we paid vs. where we stayed and what was covered (and compared it with other quotes), I am convinced that this is the best value that I have got among my many travels. I am serious! Even before the trip started, I was very impressed with David’s email feedback as he patiently answered my queries and set up the tour. All the hotels they selected were 4 stars. We will especially remember a night that they had booked us in a castle when we were en-route to Armenia. It was so cool! All stayed included a nice breakfast buffet; more splendid were the dinners – every one of them – that they had arranged at various restaurants were excellent for both the venue and the taste. The guide and driver we had in Georgia were Ms. Natali and Mr. Zaza. Natali looks more like a model – really! – and enthusiastic. A very sweet lady with poise and grace, who patiently introduced us to her wonderful country. We were more than touched by Zaza, who helped us tremendously on the last day when we returned from Armenia and had to catch the flight @ the same night. A well-reviewed basic hotel that I had booked thru another site botched the reservation and by the time they could arrange for a different place, it took a few hours. It was pouring and the language difficulty added to the confusion and stress. Luckily, Zara patiently waited for us and actually intervened to speak to the two hotels and ensured that we were taken care off. He also arranged with Sakura to prepare a fancier hotel just in case this fell thru but luckily it went smooth and he took us to the different hotel. (Thank you Zara!) Armenia leg – this was arranged by Sakura thru their partners, Merry Tour. the guide’s name was Ashot and he too was splendid. He was so knowledgeable that I didn’t have enough time to get all my questions answered. I am so glad to have seen these two old and beautiful countries thru the services of Sakura. They made the whole trip so relaxed and enjoyable and I will certainly recommend Sakura as the only tour operator one needs to contact for their journey to these countries. Their service, price, and value are unbeatable. Thank you Sakura and your whole team for providing such excellent services. Wish you the very best, and I will certainly contact you when I come there again. Best of luck!!


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The fastest and easiest way to check whether you need Georgia or Armenia visa to enter and/or stay in country, or transit the territory of the country is to click on “DO I NEED VISA” button and process step by step with simple online application.




This should be valid for at least six months after you have returned home from your trip. You should also have several blank pages as Visas and entry/exit stamps can take up a whole page.

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The standard voltage is 220 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz.

If you need more specific information about adapters, you can use this link and just enter the country you are going to visit and country you live in: https://www.power-plugs-sockets.com/

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Georgia – 112

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Georgia +995

Armenia +374

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