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Bakuriani Ski Resort

Bakuriani Ski Resort

The most famous ski resort in Georgia. Located in Samtskhe-Javakheti region, 180 km. away from capital city Tbilisi. Lower elevation 1700 m. above sea level. The main part is Didveli alpin mount-ski place, highest elevation 2700 m. above sea level, a modern development and general sport/recreational destination, there are totally 29 km ski trails for all levels of skier beginners till professionals.

Didveli includes: ski lifts, chairlifts, gondola, funicular, illuminated ski trail for night ski. The second part of resort mount Kokhta (2155m.) the oldest ski area, 3.1km ski run with difficult and medium difficult slopes, three cableways. The third part is Mitarbi re-opened in 2016, professional, advanced and intermediate levels ski trails, ski-lifts and chairlifts. 

In all destinations are available rescue patrol service. 

Ski rental is available at the local area. 

Bakuriani Ski Resort is perfect recreation destination for family based on that here is many attractions for children: beginners ski trail, toboggan, several entertainment parks wooden playground, swings, zip-lineski land, baby land and many others, as well as bars and restaurants. 

What to do in Bakuriani Ski Resort

Bakuriani is located at an elevation of 1861 m above sea level at the footsteps of the breathtaking Caucasus Mountains, Didveli is an Alpine mountain ski resort and sport and recreational destination in the heart of Bakuriani. Due to its long winters, Didveli is a true paradise for skiers and snowboarders alike.It is also a superb venue for children to learn how to ski and engage in other winter sports and activities.Tow ropes, ski-jumps, ski slopes, cross country skiing - Bakuriani has it all.There are 14 km of ski trails in total with 3 lifts and 1 funicular. There are 6 different trails catering to all levels of skier, from beginners to veterans.

Do you love to ski? These places are worth of visiting and trying! 

Didveli (1861 m) is a modern development and general sports/recreational destination in the heart of Bakuriani with highest elevation 2700 m. There are 14 kmof six different ski trails catering to all levels of skier, from begginers to veterans, as well as some runs are fully equipped with snowmakers, which enables the resort to ensure a standard quality of snow.

Kokhta (2155m) is the beauty of the place and the oldest ski area in Bakuriani. From there you can see the Greater Caucasus Range in its full splender. Kokhta is 3.1 km ski run with difficult and medium difficulty slopes. The upper part of the slope is rather difficult - the slope gradient is 52 percent and as for an intermediate piste, its trail runs through the fabulous fir wood plunged in the snow.

Night Skiing 

Didveli is an ideal location for hitting the trails after the sun goes down. Whether you are a new or an experienced skier, night skiing is an exhilarating and enjoyable experience. Let your day run long! Dig into the turn, breathe in the fresh night air, and enjoy a completely unique experience. Skiing and snowboarding at night enhances the experience

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Bakuriani Holiday Package 5 Days
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