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Gobustan National Park

Gobustan Rock Art Cultural Landscape Reserve

Gobustan state historical and art reserve is one of the world's unique places. Located near the modern city of Baku, Gobustan will take you far away from Modern World; just an hour's drive from the capital city, you will find yourself in a different time and space.

The National Park of Gobustan is famous for its ancient carvings, cave paintings, mud volcanoes, and gas stones. Just imagine 537 ha of prehistoric lifestyle; this trip is mesmerizing. 2007 Gobustan was even included on the UNESCO world heritage list, so Gobustan is a must-see place.

Rocky and tony hills of the Gobustan area reflect the whole history of this region from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages. About 6000 rock carvings, paintings, and petroglyphs represent 40 000 years of rock art and prehistoric life.

Can you imagine?

You can see paintings of the people who lived 20 000 years before you and explore their lifestyle, imagination, interests, and appearance. Most of the rock carvings, cave paintings, and petroglyphs depict the everyday life of ancient people-their rituals, hunting scenes, flora, fauna, warriors, boats, and even astrology.

Aside from rock painting, Gobustan will amaze you with mud volcanoes; this mud is supposed to have medical qualities. We have mentioned dance scenes in the rock painting, but how could it be without music? Maybe Gaval Dash is the answer! Gaval Dash is a musical stone found only in Gobustan; when you touch it with small gravel, a musical sound comes from it.


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