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Khareba Winery

Winery Khareba

Winery Khareba Tunnel is located in Kvareli, here you can see the largest storage of Georgian Traditional wine, tunnel shaped wine cellar consists of 2 parallel tunnels and 13 galleries. The temperature here is 12-14 °C and the dampness of 70%, these conditions are the best for storing and ageing of ideal wine. Wine producing company “Winery Khareba” is based on ancient traditions, it works towards the preservation of unique wine culture and produces wine by using ancient methods along with the newest technologies. Taking into consideration development of modern market and technologies, “Winery Khareba” has carried out a reorganization of existing factory and has significantly improved available technical equipment. The company owns 1000 hectares land, where unique Georgian and European wine is cultivated, and accordingly high-quality wine is produced. Wine is produced in the Eastern Georgia- specifically in Kakheti region and in western Georgia- Imereti, Racha and Lechkhumi regions. “Winery Khareba” has European varieties as follows: Cabernet, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Muscat, Pino and Merlo. The company also supports the cultivation of varieties such as: Otskhanuri Sapere, Tsitska, Tsolikouri, Krakhuna, Aladasturi, Usakhelauri, Khikhvi and Qisi. Visiting Winery Khareba Tunnel you can take part in degustation of all kinds of wine and some Georgian cheese, also enjoy the Alazany Valley view and even bake traditional Georgian bread “Shoti”.

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