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Khareba Winery

Khareba Winery  

Located close to the town of Kvareli, the Khareba Winery is a must in Georgia especially for wine lovers out there. This winery is famous for its wine tunnel, a manmade tunnel that was built out of rocks. It sits in a massive land area that features other interesting historical attractions depicting the true Georgian heritage. Aside from exploring the winery, you can also take part in a wine tasting tour and sample the winery’s finest wines. Of course, you’ll also learn more about Georgian wines, how they are produced, and the role it plays to the Georgian culture. 

Khareba Winery Vineyards  

Established in 2004, the Khareba Winery has more than a thousand hectares of vineyards. The vineyards sit at the foothills of the Caucasus Mountains, which is known for its fertile lands. Here, they grow 13 different flavors of wine produced from 16 different varieties of grapes. Some of the most popular varieties of grapes are the Tsitska, Krakhula, Kisi, Khikhvi, Saperavi, and Rkatsiteli. 

The Khareba Winery is established based on Georgia’s ancient tradition of producing wines. They use both ancient methods and modern technologies in producing the finest quality of wines. These wines are being distributed all over the country. Khareba owns numerous wineries all over Georgia. Before distribution, the wines are kept inside the deep tunnels that cut through the Caucasus Mountains. 

Manmade Wine Tunnel 

One of the most interesting sights that you’ll discover in the Khareba Winery is the manmade wine tunnel. There are 15 tunnels in the winery and the two main tunnels are in parallel to each other. These tunnels are up to 800 meters long and connect to the other tunnels that are around 500 meters long each. 

Along the walls of these tunnels, you’ll find thousands of wine bottles that were kept there for storage. These wines were produced in the winery and are being kept in the tunnels before distribution. The tunnels maintain a certain level of temperature to keep the wine cool and in excellent condition while in storage. 

Tour Packages at the Khareba Winery 

Visitors can choose from different tour packages when exploring the Khareba Winery. If you simply want to see the wine tunnels, you can go for the cheapest package. For this package, a guide will take you to explore the manmade tunnels. If you want to sample the delicious wines that the Khareba Winery produces, there’s also a wine tasting tour that you can book. This option will let visitors taste several different varieties of Khareba wines. 

There’s also a tour package for visitors who wanted to take part in some activities at the winery. These include learning how to produce churchkhela, a traditional Georgian cuisine, as well as baking different varieties of Georgian bread. Other packages also include learning about the history of wine in Georgia, understanding how the wines are processed in the winery, and more. 

Where Is The Khareba Winery?

Khareba Winery is located in the village of Kvareli, in the region of Kakheti. The village is located in the Alazani Valley, at the foothills of the Caucasus Mountains. Aside from the Khareba Winery, there are other gorgeous attractions that are worth a visit in Kvareli. There are ski resorts, monasteries, temples, and other historical sights. It’s highly recommended staying in the town for at least a few days to discover its spectacular sceneries. 

Kvareli is around 150 km. away from Tbilisi, Georgia’s Capital City. Getting there by car will take around 3 hours. There are public buses that travel to Kvareli from Tbilisi. You can also hire a taxi if you want a more comfortable and convenient transportation option. For those staying at luxury resorts in Kvareli, you can request for a car that can pick you up from Tbilisi. 

Indeed, the Khareba Winery is a haven for wine lovers. They are among the best wineries in the region. In fact, they have won several international awards in various wine competitions over the years. 


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