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Aragatsotn Region

Aragatsotn marz is situated on the slopes of Mount Aragats – the highest mountain in Armenia, the height of which reaches 4090 m above sea level. Aragats is famous among those who love hiking – they start from Lake Kari, which is located at the height of 3200, and go to reach the southern peak which is more than 3800 m. But those who are well trained, of course, go further till the highest peak. In Aragatsotn marz there is Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory which was founded in 1946 by Viktor Hambardzumyan. Located at the height of 1400 m, it attracts a lot of tourists who have an interest in astronomy and would like to observe the stars. Numerous places are worth visiting in Aragatsotn marz, among them Saghmosavank and Hovhannavank Monasteries, Amberd Fortress, Monument to Armenian Alphabet, Karmravor Church.

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Armenian Alphabet Monument

Armenian Alphabet Monument

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