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Грузия и Армения 13 Дней
Закавказие, Армения, Грузия
13 Дней |Групповой тур

Этот тур познакомит вас с двумя древнейшими странами мира – Грузией и Арменией.

Археологические д

13 Дней | Групповой тур
 Тур по Азербайджану, Грузии и Армении (16 дней)
Закавказие, Азербайджан, Армения, Грузия
16 Дней |Групповой тур

Откройте для себя три древнейшие страны мира, Грузию, Армению и Азербайджан, в одном туре.


16 Дней | Групповой тур
Caucasus tours
Закавказие, Азербайджан, Армения, Грузия
7 Дней |Частный тур
  • Откройте для себя три старейшие страны мира - Грузию, Армению и Азербайджан всего за один тур
  • Ж
7 Дней | Частный тур
Baku, Azerbaijan, Tours in Azerbaijan
Закавказие, Азербайджан, Армения, Грузия
12 Дней |Частный тур
  • Откройте для себя три старейшие страны мира - Грузию, Армению и Азербайджан всего за один тур.
  • ...
12 Дней | Частный тур
National Gallery of Armenia
0 Дней |Частный тур
  • Исследуйте один из древнейших городов мира, который был основан в 8 веке до нашей эры.
  • Насладит
0 Дней | Частный тур
Yerevan City View
0 Дней |Частный тур
  • Путешествуйте по одному из древнейших городов и наслаждайтесь удивительной историей с 782 года до
0 Дней | Частный тур
Ararat view from Yerevan
0 Дней |Частный тур
  • Вы посетите Ереван, один из древнейших городов мира с 782 г. до н.э.
  • Вы исследуете древние руко
0 Дней | Частный тур
0 Дней |Групповой тур
  • Армения является первой страной, которая официально приняла христианство.
  • У вас будет экскурсия
0 Дней | Групповой тур
Khor Virap
0 Дней |Групповой тур
  • Вы посетите Хор Вирап - монастырь 7-го века, где был заключен в тюрьму легендарный святой Григори
0 Дней | Групповой тур
Geghard Monastery
0 Дней |Частный тур

• Вы посетите монастырь Гегард, высеченный в скале (объект Всемирного наследия ЮНЕСКО).

• Наслади

0 Дней | Частный тур
Geghard Monastery
0 Дней |Групповой тур

• Вы посетите объект Всемирного наследия ЮНЕСКО, монастырь Гегард с 4-го века.

• Исследуете храм ...

0 Дней | Групповой тур
Old Tbilisi
Закавказие, Армения, Грузия
8 Дней |Групповой тур

• Откройте для себя две старейшие страны - Грузию и Армению всего за один тур.

• Грузия и Армения

8 Дней | Групповой тур

Visit Yerevan, Things to do in Yerevan and Yerevan Tours

The Republic of Armenia is known for a rich history, stunning mountain Ararat, amazing lakes, famous Areni wine, and many UNESCO World Heritage sites. During Armenia tours, you will explore one of the oldest countries in the world, its culture, traditions and Caucasian lifestyle.

Let's start Armenia holiday with Yerevan tours!

Yerevan - the capital city and the cultural soul of the country. Yerevan is one of the oldest cities in the world, can you imagine? Yerevan is even older than Rome, in 2019 it will celebrate the 2801st anniversary. Armenia capital was founded by King of Urartu, Argishti 1, at the beginning, he just builds a fortress called Erebuni, soon the city starts growing around it. Yerevan has a huge history, it was conquered by the Seljuks and Arabs, was subject of disputes between some countries and was not even Armenia capital for a while. Yerevan became the capital of the first independent republic of Armenia in 1917.

Yerevan is an almost ancient city, but when you visit the town it seems to be built in this century. It's so modern and beautiful! Colorful buildings alongside some soviet visuals, fountains, squares, bazaars and local people-always ready to help, you feel like in your own family. When you visit Yerevan you will notice that almost all the buildings are pink, that's why Yerevan is also known as The Pink City. The thing is that buildings are built from lava rocks, which reflect different shades of pink!

Things to do in Yerevan 

There are lots of things to do in Yerevan. Traveling to Armenia becomes more and more popular, there are a lot of tourist attractions in the country and especially in Yerevan. Start your day tour by climbing Yerevan Cascade. Yerevan Cascade is a stairwell in the city center, there are beautiful fountains and sculptures on and around it, just take amazing pictures while climbing the stairs and enjoy beautiful views. The most amazing thing awaits you at the top of Yerevan Cascade – Stunning view of Ararat Mountain, snow-capped peak and the wonderful city view. Here you will totally immerse yourself in the beauty of Yerevan. The city looks gorgeous!

Next, you can visit Republic Square Yerevan, also called Hrapark by locals. There are lots of landmarks on Republic Square: History Museum, National Gallery and one of the most famous Yerevan hotels - Marriot Hotel and many others. Also here is one very special attraction not only for tourists but locals too – Singing Fountains. These amazing fountains with a light show and accompaniment of various genres of music will make your day, it is especially beautiful in evenings, locals gather around it and just admire wonderful performance. Republic Square Yerevan is a great place to spend your day.

Among the things to do in Yerevan, degustation of local cuisine is so must and so pleasant. Armenian Cuisine is very flavourful, with fresh meat, vegetables, herbs and lots of spices, try different dishes and sip on Armenian Brandy or Wine - Heaven! You advise you to visit the most famous Armenian restaurant Dolmama in Yerevan. This restaurant is visited by very famous people as Prince Charles, George Clooney and so on, here you can try the most famous Armenian dish Dolma made with spicy meat and grape leaves and also many other traditional dishes and some good drinks.

Don’t forget about Armenian sweets, you can buy them at local bazaars, have a nice degustation right there, meet friendly Armenian people and maybe get some delicious gifts from them!

What about Yerevan nightlife?

Yerevan nightlife is very dynamic and you have lots of options to choose from. Yerevan city, Republic Square, Yerevan Cascade and other landmarks are so beautiful at night, night walk is the best decision for those who like cozy walks and views.

But if you want to have a great party there are lots of nightclubs, bars and restaurants. As you can see Yerevan Armenia is the location for tourists with different needs and interests, you can find everything in this beautiful county!

Yerevan is a great location to explore Armenia, day trips from Yerevan are so interesting! If Yerevan weather is good you can visit the most beautiful lake in Armenia, Sevan Lake. Sevan Lake is the largest body of water in whole Caucasus. On the shore of the lake there is Sevanavank Monastery, the view of monastery, lake and Caucasus Mountains together is so stunning! After visiting the monastery you can try delicious fish that is caught at Sevan Lake.

In the year 301 AD Armenia was the first country in the world to be declared a Christian nation, there are a lot of unique monasteries and churches on the territory of the Republic of Armenia. One of the most important places to see is Khor Virap. Khor Virap is located in the Ararat Plain, the original chapel is dating back as far as the 6th century, but the new church was built in the 16th century. For many years it was the residence of Armenian Catholicos.

The next place to visit is Tatev Monastery, getting to Tatev monastery is very special, you must ride a cableway from Halidzor village to Tatev monastery. This cableway is called "Wings of Tatev " and was included in the Guinness World Records as the world's "longest non-stop double track cable car”.

The monastery was built in the 9th century. Tatev Monastery played a great role in the economics, culture, and history of Armenia. In the 14th and 15th centuries, the monastery hosted one of the most important Armenian medieval universities, the University of Tatev. Science, religion and philosophy were studied here. Tatev monastery had a great role in the reproduction of books and the development of miniature painting.

As you already know there are a lot of Unesco World Heritage sites in Armenia. If you visit Armenia, don't miss a chance to see these historical places: Cathedral and Churches of Echmiatsin and the Archaeological Site of Zvartnots, Monasteries of Haghpat and Sanahin, Monastery of Geghard and the Upper Azat Valley. You will see amazing Caucasus nature and stunning architectural and cultural landmarks at these places, this day trips will be unforgettable for you!

Garni temple is one more amazing destination which Armenia has to offer. Garni temple was built in 1-2th centuries, it was built as a temple for the god of the sun Mihr. Temple follows classical Ancient Greek-Roman architecture style. When you see this amazing colonnaded building you feel yourself somewhere in ancient Rome or Greece, this place is beloved by tourists! Every year lots of people come to see this unique place.

Caucasus region is very unique and interesting, Armenia holiday will definitely meet your expectations! Welcome to the Caucasus!

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