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Telavi - The capital of Kakheti

Telavi is the main city and administrative center of Georgia's eastern province of Kakheti.

The city is located in the most beautiful Alazani valley on the slope of Tsivi-Gombori ridge.

It is situated at 490 m above the sea level so the air there is fresh and pure.

The landscapes of the city and its vicinities are very impressive and rich in historical, architectural and natural monuments.

Telavi is not only the region center. It is the center of a famous Georgian wine-making.

As a contemporary city Telavi was born in 1801. But its history goes back far into the centuries. It has been known since he 1st - 2nd centuries AD and for a long time was an important trading center on the caravan route from Near East to Europe.

Today, the city is a big modern city with the population of more than 20,000. When tourists come there they love the possibility to experience ancient traditions of wine making kept in Kakheti from time immemorial and visit a lot of important cultural monuments that have survived up to now. Among them are:

  • Fortress of the first Kakhetian kings Dzveli Galavani (9th-10th centuries)
  • Church of the St. Mary (16th century)
  • Church of the Holy Trinity (6th century)
  • Fortress Batonis Tsikhe (17th century)
  • Castle Korchibashishvilebis Tsikhe (16th-18th centuries)
  • Castle Vakhvakhishvilebis Tsikhe (18th century)

Attractions of Telavi - The capital of Kakheti

Alaverdi monastery

Alaverdi monastery

Akhali Shuamta

Akhali Shuamta

Batonis Tsikhe

Batonis Tsikhe

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