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Geghard Monastery

Geghard Monastery 

In the past, the name of the monastery was Ayrivank which literally meant the monastery of caves. The thing is that in old times monks lived in these caves, using them as regular cells. But in the course of time, the name of the monastery turned into Geghard, and it is connected with certain reasons. The word “Geghard” is an old-world which means “holy lance”. According to history, the Holy Lance with which Jesus Christ was pierced in the 1st century was kept in Ayrivank for 500 years. Only in the 18th century, the Holy Lance was moved to the museum of Echmiadzin Cathedral, and since then it has been kept there. Geghard is a unique monastery - the 4 halls of it are carved in a mountain, and for that, more than 40 years were required. In one of the 4 halls, there is the holy spring that flows from the wall. In old times many pilgrims came here to drink this water, as it is not only fresh and cold but also can do miracles. That’s why don’t miss the opportunity to drink this water and to wash your face with it. The acoustics of the upper hall is amazing, that’s why very often a choir comes here to sing Armenian religious songs. If you are lucky to be present at their performance, just close your eyes and let this magical music touch the strings of your soul!

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Geghard - Garni - Tsakhadzor
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