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Sulphur Baths

Sulphur Baths

Sulphur Baths with numerous domes partially protruding out of the ground are fed by natural hydrogen sulphide water from underground springs, and have a curative effect.

The baths are called Erekle's Baths. Historians attest that these unique baths probably date from the Arab period (7th-8th cc).

During the Golden Age there were some sixty-eight baths altogether, but by the 17th century, as a result of destructions caused by frequent invasions, their number was reduced to just six.

The impressive Islamic style building at the far end of the street is called the Orbeliani Bathhouse named after the Orbeliani family.

The style of mosaic on the facade is the last surviving example of Islamic influence upon the city.

The building dates from the late 17th century but was significantly renovated during both the 19th and 20th centuries.


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