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Truso Valley

Truso Valley

Most of you will visit Stepantsminda just to start the journey to the top of Mt. Kazbek. However, we would like to encourage you with this short entry to stay in our region after the mountain action because it is definitely one of the most beautiful places in all Georgia and offers much more than just climbing Mt. Kazbek!

Truso is a spectacular valley located along the Tergi River, with several villages that were abandoned due to the Ossetian War. You can hike as far as Resi village, but starting from Ketrisi village, you need a special permit that you have to get at the Georgian border check-point (in Dariali gorge). You should keep your ID with you, as there are Georgian soldiers patrolling the valley.

Besides deserted mountain villages you'll see middle-age towers and a lot of colourful mineral water springs.

There are some cars in the valley, so it's possible to hitchhike from the highway to Kvemo Okrokana village. From there, you have two trails to the mineral water springs: along the river or along the ridge (slight ascent, but stunning views on the valley). We recommend taking different trails back and forth.

The first bridge after the mineral water springs is often in a state of disrepair, but there is another bridge near a shepherd house if you walk 400 m to the left.

The mineral water in the valley tastes rather funky, so bring enough water with you.

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