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Parajanov Museum

Parajanov Museum

22 July 2019

   Dzoragyugh 1st St, Yerevan, Armenia 

   10 : 30 - 17 : 00, closed on Mondays 

The Parajanov museum, a 25-minute walk from Republic Square, provides one of Yerevan's most unique and eclectic experiences. The museum pays homage to the lifeworks of Sergei Parajanov, a Soviet filmmaker and artist of Armenian descent.  

The museum is set in a two-floor home that was given to Parajanov by the Armenian government. Though he never chose to live there, some of the rooms are decorated with his furniture and belongings. 

Inside, visitors have the chance to walk through and see an extensive collection of Parajanov's drawings, fantastical collages, and original movie props. Many walk away from the experience with a feeling of discovery; a discovery of an artist who, despite political suppression and imprisonment under the Soviet regime, was able to produce brilliant, colorful films that continue to impact the film industry today. His contributions to film are something to remember, and the museum is a great place to start on anyone's way to learning more about them and his life.   

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