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21 June 2019


   6 Bakikhanov Street, Baku 1065, Azerbaijan 

   Italian, Mediterranean, European 

   00: 00 - 15: 00, 19: 00 - 23: 00  

Why to visit Scalini Italian Restaurant?  

Baku is home to a few Italian restaurants but Scalini is, no doubt, the best among them. Offering aromatic Mediterranean flavors specializing in authentic Italian cuisines, Scalini is the local’s go-to restaurant for anything Italian. In fact, this restaurant will remind you of a small family run restaurant in some Italian towns. 

Some of the most delectable dishes in the menu of Scalini include deep-fried calamari with zucchini, Burrata cheese with asparagus and warm beetroot, homemade ravioli with ricotta and spinach, and homemade gnocchi with Gorgonzola cheese. Of course, they also serve the most appetizing Italian desserts to finish off your meal. You can choose from gelato, tiramisu, and other mouthwatering Italian treats. 

Housed in an old building that was erected after World War II, Scalini’s ambiance is cozy and elegant, which is typical to most Italian restaurants. 

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