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22 June 2019


  Amiryan str. 1, Yerevan 0010 Armenia 

  Local cuisine, Middle Eastern, Eastern European, Central European, Armenian 

  8 : 30 - 12 : 00 

Why to visit Sherep?   

Sherep, a fine-dining restaurant that opened nearly two years ago near Republic Square, has risen to the top of many travelers’ recommended places to visit. 

 The restaurant is a part of a larger initiative by Yeremyan Projects, a business enterprise that aims to push the presentation of traditional Armenian and regional cuisine through culinary innovation and experimentation. Sherep, being one of the first places to share the cooking experience with its diners through an open kitchen design, stands as a successful model for combining and contrasting the trends of today with the traditions of the past. 

The menu at Sherep is anything but exclusive; let this stand as a warning to those in search of a modest one-page dish selection. The carefully laid-out yet extensive menu includes a wide variety of Caucasian dishes that promises an easy experience for picky eaters worldwide. While Armenia is a place well-renowned for its meat barbeque, or khorovats in Armenian, Sherep offers an amazing mushroom alternative that has become a favorite to many. 

 For a culinary experience that offers a new take on the old, be sure to try out Sherep on your next trip to Yerevan. 

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