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Chateau Mukhrani

Chateau Mukhrani

Chateau Mukhrani was founded on the tradition of winemaking in the Mukhrani area of Georgia dating back in millennia. It is the original Georgian Royal Chateau, and the only Chateau to unite four key components: the Vineyard, the Winery, the Chateau and the Winemaking history. The history of winemaking at Chateau Mukhrani started in 1878 when the first vintage was released. It was Ivane Mukhranbatoni, a descendant of the Bagrationi Royal Family, who, after returning home from France in 1876 where he learnt about the fine art of winemaking in the Bordeaux and Champagne regions, decided to introduce the concept of a Chateau in Georgia. He introduced the then contemporary winemaking methods that were already widely used in Europe, and started producing wonderful Georgian wines on the ancestral Mukhrani Estate. Chateau Mukhrani has become renowned around the world for its splendid Chateau and Cellars, wonderful gardens and pristine vineyards. The harmonious symbiosis between fertile soils and history, traditions and modern techniques, has created the masterpiece that we call Chateau Mukhrani wines. Chateau Mukhrani Wine Tours Chateau Mukhrani is one of the must-visit venues to get a fascinating insight into the traditions and secrets of Georgian winemaking, blended with remarkable stories about the Georgian Royal family. 

Fabulous castle and cellars, wonderful gardens and vineyards – this is what makes Chateau Mukhrani famous. 

This is a Place You Should Visit! Advanced reservations are more than desired.


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