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Yerevan Cascade

Yerevan Cascade  

Yerevan Cascade is probably the most memorable landmark of the city. Building of Yerevan Cascade began in 1970s and the second phase was finished in 2000s. Now there are 2.780 steps and seven escalators. Each layer of the Cascade will take you to the most beautiful views of the city, just imagine exploring wonderful Yerevan step by step.   

Exterior or the Yerevan Cascade is very interesting and attractive. some layers of it are covered by wonderful fountains, which are always very famous among the tourist because the greatest photos are taken here.  

The main attraction of the Yerevan Cascade is Cafesjian Museum of Art. Museum in located in and around the Cascade. Museum offers many interesting exhibitions of contemporary art, interesting lectures and events. Modern sculptures of the museum are the main part of Yerevan Cascade exterior. 

As you already guessed Yerevan Cascade is multifunctional area, there are several cafes and restaurants on its levels, these spots often host music events too. 

When you climb the top of the Yerevan Cascade you will see the most beautiful view of Erevan - mountain Arrarat and the whole wonderful city with its landmarks.  


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